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With the new update, discover and share live audio more easily on Twitter Spaces

Now, users will be able to compose a new tweet directly from the Space

Published on 30th July 2021

Winner of MTV Ace of Spaces 2, Salman Zaidi, talks about the challenges of being on a reality show

Considering this was his first time in a reality show, Salman says that he was rather overwhelmed on entering the house.

Published on 8th November 2019
Live face recognition tech

Why we should be concerned about live face recognition tech in public spaces 

UK watchdog raises alarm over the tech

Published on 21st June 2021

Twitter's audio-only chat room, Spaces, will soon be available on desktop too

The feature is already available on Android and iOS under testing

Published on 2nd April 2021

Twitter will let users show their followers which Spaces they are listening to

The company said that this new option is an experimental feature

Published on 25th August 2021

Twitter to launch features like Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces that will help users generate revenue

The company first announced Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces earlier this year

Published on 23rd June 2021

Twitter testing invite-only, audio chat app Spaces that's similar to Clubhouse

The Twitter Spaces tool is currently available on iOS Beta

Published on 1st March 2021

Twitter Spaces now adds co-hosts feature to help moderate and manage rooms

Co-hosts also can't end the room; only the original host can

Published on 6th August 2021

Twitter launches Spaces for desktop and mobile web browsers

Previously, the Clubhouse-like audio meet app, Spaces was only available via iOS and Android apps

Published on 27th May 2021

Twitter is now testing Spaces, its audio chat feature, in India as well  

The tool will users give a chance to join, listen, and speak in live, host-moderated audio conversations

Published on 3rd March 2021

Twitter adds topic tags to Spaces 

The update will make it easier for hosts of the audio space to help manage and moderate conversations

Published on 27th September 2021

Transforming public spaces with Tamil Nadu's culture  

It’s tastefully evident. Tamil Nadu’s culture is no longer confined to art galleries but is adorning the walls of public spaces.

Published on 7th November 2021
Upcycled and reused interiors at Honey's Chic Luxury Cottage

This World Environment Day, take cues from these Airbnb hosts who show how they make their spaces sustainable

According to a YouGov report published by Airbnb earlier this year, an overwhelming 94 percent of Indians prefer sustainable and responsible travel if they get the chance in 2021

Published on 5th June 2021

Thespian Anubha Fatehpuria’s Of Spaces and Other Stories, focuses on the anatomy of heritage architectures

City thespian and architect Anubha Fatehpuria’s 8-episode show is a treat to history buffs and those who appreciate the city’s architecture

Published on 28th August 2020

Theatre Nisha presents Kumarasambhavam at Spaces

This version is inspired by the works of MR Kale, CR Devadhar and Hank Heitfetz, performed by Roshini Sridhar, and directed by V Balakrishnan.

Published on 20th January 2019

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