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Rummikub National Championships at Starmark Studio

Rummikub, which is inspired from the card game rummy and tile game mahjong will involve the use of quick thinking, strategy and motor skills to win.

Published on 17th August 2018
Conundrum: Subhas Bose’s Life After Death

Chandrachur Ghose & Anuj Dhar's new book attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding Netaji's death   

Conundrum: Subhas Bose’s Life After Death consists of declassified documents The Justice Manoj Kumar Mukherjee Commission of Enquiry 

Published on 15th May 2019

Graphic novel Pagla Sahib’s Grave to be launched at Starmark 

Get your hands on the graphic novel Pagla Sahib’s Grave 

Published on 7th November 2019

Avik Chanda to launch his new book Dara Shukoh at Starmark

Author Avik Chanda will take you back to Mughal history with his new book 

Published on 27th November 2019

Novoneel Chakraborty to launch his latest book Roses Are Blood Red

Novoneel Chakraborty will make you believe that even true love has a dangerous side with  Roses Are Blood Red

Published on 3rd December 2019

Papa CJ to launch his book Naked at Starmark tomorrow

Be there at Starmark, South City Mall to witness the global comic - Papa CJ 

Published on 26th December 2019

Be there at the launch of Starmark calendar 2020, The Global Footprints of Professor Shanku

The special calendar that will be launched this Sunday at the Anwar Shah Road bookstore, is based on illustrations by Satyajit Ray and curated by Sandip Ray.

Published on 27th December 2019

Holi gifting: From organic hampers to chic bling, here's all that you can go for

What are you buying this Holi?

Published on 25th March 2021

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