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Live 101 sessions at Unwind Center

While The Eclipse and the duo of Benita and Michelle will play popular covers as well as original compositions, Sarah will perform original compositions.

Published on 2nd November 2018

Rajhesh Vaidhya performs at Unwind Center

The group consists of Manjunath N on the drums, Chandrajith on tabla, Vivek on piano and Sai Hari Ram on ghatam.

Published on 12th October 2018

Band performance at Unwind Center

The bands will play progressive rock, blues and even rock and metal for all kinds of preference.

Published on 13th September 2018

Live 101 sessions at Unwind Center

The bands will perform all original songs and promise a night full of crooning, headbanging and more. 

Published on 7th September 2018

Open mic competition at Unwind Center

The event, hosted by Exodus, has categories ranging from solo singing and beatboxing to acapella and rock music too.

Published on 17th August 2018

Alkemy and Maanjah Boys perform at Unwind Center

With undertones of Tamil music, Manjaah will play original compositions, while Alkemy and Seven 5 follow with English songs to entertain the audience.

Published on 17th August 2018

Prana perform at Unwind Center

The six-piece and eight-piece band will perform some of their latest hits while also singing some of their original favourites.

Published on 3rd August 2018

Forte and Nox perform at Unwind Center

City-based bands Forte and NOX - The Band will perform their favourite songs at Unwind Center as they host Live 101 sessions.

Published on 20th July 2018
Open Mic Night Backyard

Param, Thee and Sharon Chackochen perform at Unwind Center

While Param play fusion of Hindustani classical music and rock, Thee will perform a mix of multilingual music in English and Tamil, drawing influences from Indian tunes.

Published on 30th June 2018

Ragamuffins and Madras Music Factory perform at Unwind Center

With contemporary folk, pop and rock, it is going to be an eclectic mix of good music.

Published on 7th June 2018

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