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Team Bharati Dhanuka and Sumedha Bansal have made packaging creative and convenient

The duo of Bharati Dhanuka and Sumedha Bansal are making the business of packaging interesting with their passion and creative streaks

Published on 6th March 2020

This chocolate has reclaimed cotton in its packaging and helps reduce the carbon footprint

And its makers, Kocoatrait, are showcasing it at the Amsterdam Chocoa festival later this month

Published on 15th February 2019

Two 21-year-olds want to help fight diabetes with naturopathy recipes in hip urban packaging

The Raw Habit is entirely vegan and will soon expand from juices to salads and smoothie bowls 

Published on 6th July 2018

The Heritage Packaging Museum completes 15 years in Bengaluru

The museum celebrates the anniversary with some new additions to their collection 

Published on 12th June 2017

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