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Heavy makeup can have undesirable effects on the skin, especially if it is left on for too long. (Representational Image)

Here's your guide 101 to bridal detox amid heavy-duty makeup

Weddings call for a series of never-ending functions, and the bride is expected to be dressed in her best through all of it

Published on 2nd November 2021
NicoLips scrub

Product review: Let’s talk self-care

There is a nip in the air. The wind is dry already. When I noticed my lips getting flaky, I didn’t waste any time in purchasing a scrub—a must-have lip care essential for winter

Published on 31st October 2021
Musings with Mira Kapoor

Indulge 14th Anniversary Special: Mira Kapoor on yoga, fitness and using home remedies for skin and hair

Apart from her fascinating life as a star wife, Mira Kapoor is becoming increasingly popular on social media for her tips on fitness and reversing PCOS

Published on 29th October 2021
Cult: Shabeer Kallarakkal (top left), Sanchana Natarajan (top right), Mysskin (bottom left), Shabeer Kallarakkal (bottom right)

Joju George, Sanchana Natarajan, Mysskin, Shabeer Kallarakkal join Malayalam-Tamil actioner Cult

The team is in the middle of pre-production with a plan to start filming by next month

Published on 26th October 2021
Bioré Makeup Remover

Product review: Biore's make-up removal kit

Let’s start with the most effective—the cleansing oil. Every bit of makeup melts as you massage your face and neck with the oil

Published on 24th October 2021

Meet Maneskin, the Italian band behind the viral hit Beggin' You, that's making glam rock cool again 

The band talks to us about its new-found fame and new music 

Published on 22nd October 2021

In an interview, Shanaya shares her secret behind healthy glowing skin

Budding actor Shanaya Kapoor shares her beauty secrets and more

Published on 8th October 2021

Meet the expat community of Hyderabad, basking in the charm of the city and making memories

Hyderabad has a vibrant expat community, which not only includes high-ranking diplomats but also people from across the world, who occupy top positions in some big firms

Published on 7th October 2021
Oziva products. Representational image

Check out new skin and haircare products from OZiva

If clean beauty is your kryptonite, it’s time you gave OZiva’s skin and haircare range a chance

Published on 27th September 2021
Products from 3AM

From mushroom to tomato extracts, here's what to expect from this Hyderabad-based skincare brand

3 AM is all for vegan skincare and sustainable packaging

Published on 24th September 2021
Deepika padukone to launch her own lifestyle brand

Deepika Padukone to launch a global lifestyle brand rooted in India 

The brand is expected to be rolled out in 2022, and the name has not been revealed yet

Published on 8th September 2021
Instagram is asking users for their DOB to ensure safety of younger users on the platform

Instagram is asking users for their DOB to ensure safety of younger users on the platform

The company said that it will allow them to create new safety features for young people

Published on 31st August 2021
Peanuts are the most accessible nuts

Nuts can be a good and yummy snack for you or your young ones

Nuts have healthy fats which are essential for your cells, organs, skin, immune system and also aid in weight loss etc

Published on 27th August 2021
Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask

From Yellow Sea particles to Korean herbs, here's what to expect from K-beauty brand Sulwhasoo's latest additions

They recently launched their Herbal Clay Purifying Mask, which could help if you are looking for something to tackle maskne

Published on 9th August 2021

Twitter's photo-cropping algorithm had a bias towards young, light-skinned females, study shows

The microblogging site had, in March, disabled the system

Published on 11th August 2021

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