Did you know that 81% millennials want experiential travel over regular itineraries? 

author_img H Prasad Published :  01st April 2019 04:42 PM   |   Published :   |  01st April 2019 04:42 PM

Holidays are no more about just visiting a hill-station or spending days at beaches of Goa. As tourists are increasingly particular about opting for unpopular places with more adventure activities, holidaymakers too are providing varied options.

According to a survey conducted by travel-tech company Trodly, 81% of the millennials choose to spend money on experiential travel instead of regular itineraries available through travel agents in package tours. Out of these, 76% of respondents preferred to stay in locally-owned accommodation or homestays, hire local guides, and explore local culture, cuisine, and arts.

The survey was amongst visitors on Trodly website and the mobile app between November 2018 and February 2019 with a registered 8,600 respondents between the age group of 21 and 35. Out of which, 68% of respondents belong to metro cities of India.

Here are other findings from the survey:
73% of the millennials assigned special value to gain unusual experiences during their travel, regardless of the destination and type of travel. This showcased that consumer behaviour is changing and travellers prefer experiential activities over traditional amenities on a vacation.

65% of the millennials consented that they perceive themselves as explorer instead of tourists and favoured the deep engagement in experiential travel.

86% of the millennials agreed that social media plays a key role in deciding travel destination for them.

67% of these respondents attributed Instagram to be the prime source of travel inspiration.

89% of the millennials showed interest in exploring online platforms, which can facilitate unique and local experiences for travels.

68% of the millennials consented that they do quality research and gather relevant information before deciding on their travel destination and travel activities.