Cordelia Cruises continues its East Coast journey, this time from Vizag to Chennai. Here's what to expect

Cordelia Cruises is a cruise line that’s truly Indian at heart

Anagha M Published :  28th June 2022 09:22 PM   |   Published :   |  28th June 2022 09:22 PM
The view from the 11th deck of The Empress

The view from the 11th deck of The Empress

Built in 1990 in France, The Empress is a sight to behold. Over 200 metres long, with 800 rooms and 700 well-trained crew members, the cruise ship by Cordelia Cruises has been part of The Royal Caribbean and has sailed across the world over the past 30 years. It’s now in India to offer a one-of-a kind and truly ‘Indian at heart’ experience to holiday-goers. The ship made its maiden voyage from Vizag to Chennai on the east coast, and Indulge Bengaluru was invited to experience the journey.

Early on a bright Wednesday morning, we made our way to the Vizag port to embark on the ship. After a quick check in process we headed straight to our room. The mini suite boasts a lovely balcony and a cosy bed, and this was hands down our favourite part of the whole cruise, although it has a lot more to offer as well. 

Cordelia Cruises is packed with activities, restaurants and events -- all designed with Indian families in mind. The cruise line made its way to our shores last year, and has been touring the west coast since. But CEO Jurgen Bailom felt the east coast of India had a lot to offer as well. With beautiful scenery, calm seas, and placid tropical weather, India makes for a great place for cruises, and it remains an unexplored market. Cordelia is here to fill that gap. 

The 11th deck was the perfect place to watch The Empress set sail that evening. Admittedly it was a rocky start, and the vertigo from the movement of the ship got to us, so we called it an early night and we went to bed. But the next morning we were greeted with a sight that made it all worth it. Our balcony opened up to the expanse of the deep blue sea and clear blue skies. We decided to spend the morning reading and taking in this unbelievable view.

The reading nook in the balcony of our mini suiteimage.gif

In the evening, it was time to watch a show at their grand Marquee theatre. Spread over two floors with plush seats, the theatre will make you forget you are out at sea. A Bollywood musical theatre performance had us tapping our foot to the catchy songs, and the cheeky burlesque show later that night was equal parts risque and equal parts fun.

Marquee theatreimage.gif

One of the best experiences that the cruise also offers is a tour of the bridge of the ship. It is a behind the scenes look at how the captains navigate the ship and all the equipment they use. If you thought the view from our room was spectacular, you should check out the one from the bridge!   

The captains on the bridgeimage.gif

When it comes to the food, The Empress has a food court, a buffet restaurant and our favourite - Chopstix. Classic Asian, continental and Indian dishes, with old-school style presentation and charming service - what more can you ask for.

Breakfast with a view at Chopstiximage.gif

A pool, a spa, a gym, a rock climbing wall, a play area for kids and a bar on the top deck, The Empress is a floating hotel. And one that we recommend for your next holiday with your family. 

The writer was on Cordelia Cruises by invite