Top Diwali getaways for families: From nature retreats to island escapes

These exceptional destinations promise to make your Diwali celebration a truly unforgettable experience
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As the Diwali holiday season approaches, those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or a memorable family bonding experience can consider a range of exciting destinations. This curated list offers a glimpse into some of the finest getaways for the upcoming festivities.

Aman-i-Khas, Rajasthan:

Located on the outskirts of Ranthambore National Park, Aman-i-Khás offers a serene and nature-immersed retreat. This secluded camp provides the perfect backdrop for creating lasting seasonal memories. Guests can begin their days with exhilarating safaris, exploring the elusive tigers of India, and then unwind beside the sun-dappled Stepwell swimming pool. Evenings are adorned with starlit gatherings around the campfire.

The Diwali celebrations on November 12th promise to be truly enchanting. The camp will be aglow with hundreds of handcrafted candles, or diyas, illuminating the surroundings, symbolising the triumph of light over darkness. Guests can participate in a Puja offering ceremony dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, followed by traditional Diwali treats and a special menu. The dress code reflects the cultural spirit of the event, with men in traditional white Rajasthani kurtas and turbans, and women in ghagras and veils.

Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani, Maldives:

For a dazzling Diwali, the award-winning resorts of Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani in the Maldives offer an ideal setting. These resorts are easily accessible from India's main travel hubs, making it a convenient choice for families looking to reconnect with nature and each other. The holiday itinerary includes a variety of activities catering to all age groups, such as celebrating India's rich culinary heritage, welcoming acclaimed visiting chefs, fun-filled festivities, and rejuvenating yoga and wellness sessions at Soneva Soul.

Amankora, Bhutan:

This Diwali, celebrate the festive season in Bhutan, where Amankora has a presence in five of the Kingdom's stunning valleys. Amankora's commitment to sustainability is at the core of its initiatives, and this season's program draws inspiration from Bhutan's natural wealth and rich cultural heritage. Staying for seven nights or more across Amankora lodges brings the opportunity to engage in a family-friendly program of activities, from guided temple tours to mountain hiking.

Aman Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka's sun-drenched south shores are home to two distinct Aman properties. Amangalla, located in the quaint town of Galle, offers a historic setting with magnificent views and a range of culinary delights. Amanwella, just over an hour's drive east, provides a contemporary retreat with its palm-fringed beach near Tangalle village. Both properties offer unique experiences, from yoga sessions to fishing in the Indian Ocean, providing a well-rounded vacation.

Soneva Kiri, Thailand:

Soneva Kiri is the epitome of luxury and sustainable design, offering unforgettable experiences on an unspoiled island with pristine beaches, just 90 minutes from Bangkok. Guests can explore the constellations with a resident astronomer, enjoy open-air cinema, embark on marine adventures, savour local cuisine, and dine high among the treetops in a Treetop Dining experience.

Amanoi, Vietnam:

Nestled on Vietnam's captivating coastline, Amanoi offers unrivalled beach access, national park adventures, and cultural experiences. The resort's seasonal calendar is brimming with festive activities, including themed dinners, cooking masterclasses, guided hikes, and wellness classes for guests of all ages.

These exceptional destinations promise to make your Diwali celebration a truly unforgettable experience, whether you seek the serenity of nature, the allure of an island escape, or a cultural immersion in Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, or Vietnam. Enjoy the magic of the season at these remarkable getaways.

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