Bird Paradise in Singapore: Everything you need to know about this soon-to-open park in Mandai

This exciting new park features eight walk-through aviaries, each representing different habitats from around the world
Mandai Wildlife West connecting the entrance and winged canopy of Bird Paradise
Mandai Wildlife West connecting the entrance and winged canopy of Bird Paradise

Get ready to spread your wings and explore the newest addition to Singapore's list of attractions – Bird Paradise! Located within the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, the new spot under partnership with Singapore Tourism Board is slated to welcome visitors from May 8 this year. This integrated nature and wildlife destination in northern Singapore is already home to the popular Night Safari, River Wonders, and Singapore Zoo, and this new park promises a chance to experience the colourful world of avian species like never before.

<strong>10m-tall waterfall at Mandai Wildlife West</strong>
10m-tall waterfall at Mandai Wildlife West

This features eight walk-through aviaries, each representing different habitats from around the world. Here, one can see and hear the natural behaviours of many bird species as they journey through transitional zones that connect the various habitats. Bird Paradise boasts top-of-the-line support facilities, including a state-of-the-art avian hospital and an extensive breeding facility. 

<strong>Roseate Spoonbills at Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands</strong>
Roseate Spoonbills at Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands

As a wildlife conservation organisation, Bird Paradise plans to provide a  platform to advance its education programmes and capacity-building initiatives, and protect threatened bird species across the region. The habitats within the park are alive with the songs and natural behaviours of the birds, from flight to feeding, nesting, and foraging through the undergrowth.

<strong>Heart of Africa </strong>
Heart of Africa 

The Heart of Africa is a key attraction that transports visitors to the forested valleys of continental Africa. With an elevated canopy experience, visitors can observe birds displaying their natural behaviours in a dense, misty forest with meandering forest streams. Similarly, Wings of Asia recreates stunning bamboo forests and sloping rice terraces of Southeast Asia. Beyond aesthetics, the bamboo forests serve as a food source for the animals living in the habitat and the terraces create a unique ecosystem for birds like the critically endangered Baer’s Pochard and endangered Milky Stork. Penguin Cove is another highlight of Bird Paradise. This indoor habitat is designed to be home to penguins such as the Gentoo Penguin, King Penguin, Humboldt Penguin, and Northern Rockhopper Penguin. Visitors will have a fascinating opportunity to observe the oceanic life of these birds.

<strong>Kuok Group Wings of Asia</strong>
Kuok Group Wings of Asia

And if you're a fan of feeding sessions, you're in luck as you will be able to do so with new species like Starlings, African Hornbills, and Barbets at Heart of Africa, Pelicans at Wings of Asia and Lories at Lory Loft. That's not all! The new ungated public node, Mandai Wildlife West, located next to Bird Paradise serves as a quaint gateway to the new park with offerings like playgrounds, dining, and retail options. Adrenaline junkies, fret not because they have you all covered too. The iconic Singapore Cable Car is launching Pokémon-themed cabins as part of its 50th-year celebrations and we can not keep calm. 

<strong>Heritage wall at the entrance of Bird Paradise</strong>
Heritage wall at the entrance of Bird Paradise

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