Ayurveda for the mind, body & soul: Your  getaway to a wholesome Ayurvedic retreat just got upgraded

Our experience of the recently opened Abhyanga Ayurvedic Wellness Center at the Four Points by Sheraton helped us reinstate within ourselves holistic well-being and healthy eating
The pretty landscapr of the property.
The pretty landscapr of the property.

Your weekend escapades have found a newfound destination. Luxury and relaxation are not the only things Four Points by Sheraton offers. As we packed our duffel bags to set out on a short trip to the pretty Mahabalipuram property, we expected a sweet little escapade. But the premises of the property is not just a prime destination for your familial events or corporate shows. It transpires beyond just existing for comfort and relaxation, providing an opportunity to truly indulge in the experiences of a haven for holistic well-being.

How, you may ask? The Abhyanga  Ayurvedic Wellness Center is a well-thought-out and executed feature of this property that stands out in its own right, shedding the generic ‘spa’ feature that most properties have. So it was only natural that we checked into experience what the wellness center had to offer, what were the different treatments one could undertake in order to help themselves better in getting over their ailments, what was on offer culinary-wise, and other features of the property piquing our interest.

The Abhyanga experience
The Wellness Villa was our abode for the weekend. This room, the ambiance and layout of which was specifically made to add to the experience of the wellness center, had a dedicated space for the treatment of the guests. Our stay for the next two days felt like a seamless integration of luxury and complete rejuvenation.

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The set-up for the treatment included in the wellness villa included all accessories and equipment required within the room itself. The treatments were in vast numbers and catered to addressing and helping in recovery from specific ailments. We underwent the process that was part of the Ayurveda Wellness Program. The process first involved a visit to the on-site Ayurvedic doctor. The doctor helped us note down any symptoms we had for any ailment and provided the appropriate treatment that had to be carried out. The factors for zeroing in on a treatment included ‘constitution, dosha balance, tissue health, digestive fire, immunity, and mental harmony.’ By assessing various aspects of our lives including our lifestyle, medical history, and details of an already diagnosed ailment, the medical professional directed us to the room where the treatment would take place.

Interiors of the wellness center
Interiors of the wellness center

This was the Abhyanga Ayurvedic Wellness Center. As soon as we stepped into the center, a sense of calm spread across our bodies. We learned of the various elements of the room, including the massage drone (the table on which we were asked to lie down), and the extensive varieties of ayurvedic oil and powders that had medicinal properties.

During our stay, we undertook a few treatments including the Navara Kizhi which is ‘a deep invigorating massage with bolus of cooked rice’. This included the use of black or red Navara variety of rice that possesses therapeutic and nutritional value. We learn from the medical professional that, ‘cooked with milk and herbs the end application helps in removing stiffness, reducing stress, boosting immunity, blood circulation and also helps in discoloration’. While this was just our experience, the wellness center offers much more and more specific treatment including the Kayakalpa Chikitsa for ayurvedic rejuvenation, Panchakarma — a treatment for those who have undergone chemotherapy, and a specific package of treatments for those affected by Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD).

The lush green outdoors of the villa and the wellness center added to this experience post-treatment.

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Culinary trail
Now, if one were to think that the Abhyanga Wellness Program just amounted to the physical ayurvedic treatments, they couldn’t be more wrong. The stay at the Four Points by Sheraton’s Abhyanga Wellness Program was true to its efforts to help us treat our bodies with utmost care and comfort. This also included the consumption of a well-planned and healthy dietary menu. Since the treatments need to be complemented with a focus on nutrition, the doctor after the aforementioned consultation gave us a personalised menu, complete with portion specifications. For breakfast, we were served a great South Indian spread with the additional goodness and freshness of the cut fruits, nuts, Chukku Kappi, Murunga Ilai Idly, Sambhar, Thenga Chammanthi, and Podi made for a hearty meal that felt easy on the stomach and kept us full till lunch. After a refreshing afternoon swim, it was time for lunch. For this meal, we had yummy veggies cooked with limited oil. Think Sprouts and Zucchini Salad, Thinai Rice, Cheera Paruppu Thalichathu, Kathirikai Masala, Perakankai Thoran, Cucumber Pachadi and Pathimugam Vellam.

Ayurvedic Pathiya Meals
Ayurvedic Pathiya Meals

But it is the high tea menu that stayed with us as we discussed our stay at the property on our way back home. The Ginger Tea and Ela Ada (without sugar) was the most suitable spread we had after a swim or a tour of the beach that was a few kilometres away from the property. The Ela Ada stayed with us especially as it reminded us of the homemade recipes used for making the same. The use of the shredded coconut and jaggery really worked and even complemented the soothing sips of the ginger tea.

Rs. 1.4 lakh for seven days, per person.

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