IRCTC's new Manas Express to boost spiritual tourism in Uttarakhand by offering a temple trail

Starting April 15, this special train will embark on a journey to 16 Manaskhand temples in the Kumaon region
Nanda Devi Temple
Nanda Devi Temple

In a bid to boost tourism in Uttarakhand, the Uttarakhand Tourism Department and the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to operate a special tourist train, Manaskhand Express, from various cities in India to lesser-known tourist destinations in the state. The agreement was signed today in the presence of the tourism minister

Satpal Maharaj. The train will connect remote temples and destinations in Uttarakhand through rail connectivity, providing tourists and devotees with easier access to these places. The train will be equipped with pictures and information about various destinations in Uttarakhand and serve Uttarakhandi cuisine, giving passengers a taste of the local culture.

According to the tourism minister, the first train of this series will commence its journey from Kolkata in April 2024, visiting various temples in Manaskhand. Plans are also underway to launch trains from other cities. The annual expenditure for running this train is estimated to be around 5 crore. Each Manas Express train will accommodate up to 500 passengers in Second AC category coaches. The train journey will include arrangements for food, excursions by bus, guides and hotel stays ensuring a hassle-free travel experience for passengers.

Passengers arriving in Uttarakhand by the Manaskhand Express will have the opportunity to visit a range of destinations, including renowned temples including Purnagiri, Hatkalika, Patal Bhubaneswar, Jageshwardham, Golju Devta Temple, Nanda Devi and Kainchi Dham, among others. The train aims to connect tourists from remote parts of India to these lesser-known tourist spots in Uttarakhand.

The tourism minister emphasised the significance of this initiative in promoting and popularising the Manaskhand temples and nearby destinations across the country. He encouraged tourists to visit Uttarakhand and explore its rich cultural and religious heritage. He also stressed that the Manaskhand Express would play a crucial role in linking tourists from remote parts of India to the lesser-known tourist places in Uttarakhand, opening up new avenues for explorations. 

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