Beyond the Beach: 5 things to do on Baa Atoll

Hop onto The Nautilus and explore five stunning islands, underwater stories, culture, and art of the country
Have you packed your bags for a summer adventure yet?
Have you packed your bags for a summer adventure yet?

With summers approaching have you already started marking dates for summer your summer vacations and looking up places where you would want to be? Well, here’s a place that fits the bill and you get to take out all your swimming costumes, sun-tan lotions, sunglasses and hats for it too! Get a good look at the Baa Atoll, Maldives through the immersive experience curated by the ultra-luxury yachts by the Nautilus Maldives. Here’s what you can check out…


Located at North-west of Baa Atoll, Kendhoo has deep influences drawn from India, Middle East and South East Asian countries. You can explore the beaches, streets, sample local cuisine, and iconic tourist spots like the 800 –year old house of Abdul Barakaath Yoosuf al Barbary, an Islamic scholar.


Engage with local artisans and get to know more about the traditional art of coconut leaf weaving. This skill is passed down through generations among the local. Try your hand at making baskets, hats or decorative pieces from the multi-utilitarian coconut leaves.


Another ancient art form which is popular in the southern tip of Baa Atoll is the lacquerware craftsmanship. It involves decorating items with colourful designs and motifs drawn from the marine life of Maldives. You can also try your hand at crafting a personalised piece for yourself.


 If you are adventurous and love waters, then try your luck underwater to spot a Manta Ray or a whale Shark at the premier water sport spots of Dhonafanu.


Prefer words to express your emotions? Take a laidback holiday at Dharavandhoo which prides on being an island with a rich tradition of Maldivian poetry and culture. Merge with the locals to know more about the island and its history, folklore, stories and more.

 Are you ready to zoom your way into the islands of Maldives but beyond the pristine waters and white sandy beaches to know the culture and roots of the place in depth this summer?

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