Ayodhya to become India’s newest spiritual tourism destination

From opening doors of the Maharishi Valmiki Airport to several luxury hotel chains exploring the construction of multiple properties, this temple town is all set to welcome the world… 
Ayodhya Temple
Ayodhya Temple

Ayodhya, marking a historic milestone in India’s cultural and religious landscape, has recently joined the ranks of expanding temple towns in India — witnessing a surge in tourism ever since the temple at the revered site of Ram Janmabhoomi was announced. Spiritual tourism holds a significant and flourishing position in India, celebrated for its abundant local cultural heritage, diverse religious traditions and numerous sacred sites. For centuries, India has magnetised seekers pursuing spiritual knowledge, enlightenment and holistic well-being. The allure of spiritual journeys now extends beyond traditional pilgrimages, encompassing non-temporal breaks with unique local experiences and outdoor adventures, as well.

While Ayodhya gears up for the eagerly anticipated installation of the Ram Lalla idol at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on January 22, the city has undergone substantial enhancements in preparation for the temple’s inauguration — from the opening of the Maharishi Valmiki Airport to the renovation of the railway station and much more. Airlines are gearing up to provide services connecting major cities, anticipating a significant influx of visitors to the Ram Temple following its inauguration. The inauguration of the Ram Temple is anticipated to attract approximately 5,00,000 daily visitors in the first-month post-inauguration.

Recently, the Prime Minister announced two new Amrit Bharat trains employing push-pull technology for enhanced comfort and speed, connecting Ayodhya and Gorakhpur. The Vande Bharat Express, inaugurated by Narendra Modi, will also operate between Ayodhya and Delhi’s Anand Vihar station, with stops in Kanpur and Lucknow, as these semi-high-speed trains aim to reduce travel time placing Ayodhya just a few hours from the above-mentioned cities. Scheduled to commence service on January 4, the Vande Bharat trains will run six days a week.

Recognising the rising demand for accommodation, several hotel chains, including Tata Group’s IHCL, Radisson and ITC, are exploring the construction of multiple properties in the vicinity at various price points. The flourishing trend of religious tourism in India, once concentrated in the southern regions, will now expand to other areas, including Uttar Pradesh, propelled by the construction of the new Ayodhya temple.

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