Five destinations in India that stun during the monsoons

Indulge in the magic of monsoon this season by exploring some of the exotic places
Five destinations in India that stun during the monsoons
Image Credits: Pexels

With the onset of monsoon, nature comes to life. Places that seem ordinary in summer, becomes a paradise with the first week of rain. A hike through the woods to witness a roaring waterfall in the heart of the jungle, kayaking in serene backwaters or simply strolling down the misty roads of the mountains, isn’t that all you need this monsoon? Well, to enjoy the exotic nature, visit these five places this monsoon and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the wilderness.


Monsoon is magical in God’s Own Country. The whole of Kerala comes to life and every part has its own beauty to offer. From dense green forests to vast tea plantations, Kerala is the ultimate destination for you to visit this monsoon. Sunset in Munnar’s tea plantation and hump-like hills is quite mesmerising. Wayanad celebrates the first onset of rain by designing the face of Theyyam in the rice fields. Tourists can visit this enchanting hill station and experience this local art during the monsoon. Moving on to the southern part of the state, experience the beautiful backwater in kayaks and houseboats networking through the lagoons and canals. INR 2,000 per day approx.


Meghalaya is heavenly during this season. The whole of the Khasi hills looks like something out of a painting with its cascading waterfall and misty hilltops. Enjoy the momos, thukpa and many more delicious mouth-watering dishes amidst the soothing monsoon rains. Well, aren’t mountains, chai and rain the best combinations of serenity and bliss. This monsoon, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy the beauty of Scotland of the East. INR 2,000-3,000 per day approx.

Tamil Nadu

Escape the heat of summer and visit Tamil Nadu during the monsoon. The skies painted in monsoon hues make the place worth visiting. Within the same state, you can also embark on a scenic 7-hour drive through the forest-covered roads to reach Ooty. It is the most pleasant and soothing hilltop attraction of the state. INR 2,000 per day approx.


The Himalayas should always be on the list for any travel enthusiast. Be it in summer, winter, or monsoon, the Himalayan mountains are the go-to place for their beauty in all seasons. Lansdowne in Uttarakhand turns into a paradise in the rain. The snow-covered mountains in the distance and the soothing views of the lush greenery make it the perfect place for you to visit this monsoon. The trails through the woods, with birds chirping and a gentle drizzle, will transport you to a Ruskin Bond novel. INR 4,000 per day approx.


With the arrival of the monsoon brace yourself with the mesmerising beauty of the lush greenery and drenched hilltops. The landscape truly radiates an enthralling aura with streams of waterfalls through the dense flora all around. Take a stroll through the magical forest of Mahabaleshwar and get lost in the misty trails and silent pathways. The whole of the Sahyadri mountain range lights up in beauty during this season. Lonavala is one of the best places to go for a trek during monsoon. The entire scenery — from cloudy skies, majestic waterfalls and forest-covered roads to foggy streets — defines Maharashtra’s hill stations during the monsoon. INR 2,000 per day

(Written by Bristi Dey)