Still not over the Ambani pre-wedding? Here are five offbeat wedding destinations you must check out

Ditch the extravagance and embrace the extraordinary with these destinations...
Image used for representational purposes only
Image used for representational purposes only

While billionaire weddings take centrestage this season, true love deserves a celebration as unique as you are. Forget the predictable palaces and beaches; we've curated a list of five offbeat wedding destinations in India, perfect for creating an unforgettable and intimate start to your happily ever-after.

1. Ganges wedding at Rishikesh

Imagine your vows echoing amidst the Himalayas, with the sacred Ganges as your witness. Rishikesh offers a wedding experience unlike any other. Bathed in serenity and spirituality, this holy town allows you to exchange rings blessed by the holy river. Pictorial mandaps set along the Ganges or nestled amidst verdant hills create a breathtaking backdrop. Rishikesh caters to both intimate ceremonies and vibrant celebrations, promising a wedding as unique and unforgettable as your love story.

2. Traditional wedding at Hampi

Envision your forever unfolding amidst the whispers of history. Majestic temples, once the heart of the Vijayanagara empire, transform into stunning backdrops for your nuptials. Imagine exchanging vows bathed in the golden glow of a setting sun, casting long shadows on the intricate carvings. Hampi beckons with a royal grandeur that whispers of bygone eras, making your special day truly unforgettable.

3. Lake Wedding at Kumarakom

Kumarakom, Kerala's Backwater Paradise, paints a picture-perfect canvas for your wedding. Exchange vows on a tastefully decorated houseboat, gently gliding through the lake. Imagine the gentle whisper of palms and the vibrant colors adorning your special day. Kumarakom offers a unique and unforgettable wedding experience, steeped in natural beauty and tranquility.

Valley wedding at Yumthang

Picture your love story blooming amidst a riot of colours. Nestled in Sikkim's Valley of Flowers, Yumthang offers a vibrant tapestry of rhododendrons, primulas and countless other blossoms that paints the valley in a breathtaking spectacle. Exchanging vows with snow-capped mountains as your guardian and a fragrant carpet of flowers at your feet, Yumthang promises a wedding forever etched in the memory with the magic of the Himalayas.

Beach wedding at Lakshadweep

Crave a wedding venue as vast and eternal as your love? Look no further than Lakshadweep. This remote archipelago offers pristine beaches bathed in turquoise waters, the ideal backdrop for an intimate and unforgettable ceremony. Lakshadweep caters to both barefoot elegance on the beach or luxurious comfort in a beachside resort. Let the vast canvas of the ocean and the whisper of palm trees set the stage for a truly extraordinary beginning to your happily ever after.

(Written by Namitha Acharya)