The appeal of wellness travel is fuelled by the fact that people are more aware of their health than ever before

Here are three destinations in India which are ideal for a much-needed wellness vacation

A break from the day-to-day grind that is planned with a special wellness focus is increasingly becoming a mindful choice for all those looking to travel

The Westin Goa

The Westin Goa is a one-stop destination for your Goa trip  

The hotel offers a relaxing package of comfort, food, and luxury along with the irresistible serenity of the Goa monsoons

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Say ‘I do’ against the perfect backdrop

The boutique resort serves customised menus, from authentic Kerala sadya to more modern cuisines

Some spots where you can enjoy a vacation with your friends| Photo credit: Arun Geetha Viswanathan (Unsplash)

Here are five destinations in India to go on a vacation with your friends

From enjoying delectable cuisine in Kozhikode to shopping in Lucknow, try these handpicked vacation spots when you are planning a vacation with your friends

Jhore Jole Jongole

We share snippets from our weekend getaway at Sundarban’s latest address Jhore Jole Jongole

A visual diary from our weekend getaway at the Sundarban's hottest new destination, Jhore Jole Jongole

Qasr al-Farid tomb of Lihyan. (Photo | Neeta Lal)

Explore Hegra, the Ozymandias of Saudi Arabia

Left untouched for 2,000 years, a visit to Hegra, a Saudi Arabian necropolis with over a hundred well-preserved tombs, is a journey through time

With the world's tallest tower in their city, infinity pools, and buildings, Dubai embodies smart city thinking

World Skyscraper Day: Here are some spots in Dubai to experience the city’s skyline

Dubai’s unique architecture and eye-catching designs have filled the city’s skyline dramatically in the last decade

Courtyard by Marriott Aravali Resort

Courtyard by Marriott Aravali Resort offers a luxurious stay and eclectic plates for the gourmand traveler amidst the foothills of the Aravali ranges

Resonating with Delhi's rich history and the thriving present, Courtyard by Marriott Aravali Resort offers a colourful diversity of art, culture and history

Diwali Chowk

Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner promises a unique experience of the historical city with themed lunches and heritage walks

Narendra Bhawan — a palatial and imposing boutique hotel in Bikaner that offers royal treatment, Instagrammable spots and more

Shae Keenan, CMO Visit Victoria

Tête-à-tête: Australian tourism officer Shae Keenan of Visit Victoria on building sustainable tourism ties with India 

The CMO opens up about the current travel scene post-pandemic, ICC T20 World Cup, best places to explore in Victoria and how Australia is planning to build strong relations with India 

The Ahwanhee, located inside Yosemite National Park in California

Here are some unique luxury travel options in the USA

From sophisticated spa sessions in California to savouring the best of nature at The Ahwahnee, here are some luxury travel options in the USA

Port Stephens in Australia

A shore winner: Beauty of Australian coastlines

Surf on the dunes, swim with the dolphins or spend time with the cuddly Koalas. Port Stephens in Australia offers an experience that goes beyond the cliched coastal vacations.

five destinations for senior citizens to visit

From Jaisalmer to Munnar, here are five destinations for senior citizens to enjoy a vacation

The beauty of travelling in your silver years is that you become a child once again and realise your dream of being free-spirited

some tips to keep in mind while travelling with your pets

Travelling with your pets: here are some tips to deal with travel anxiety in your pet

Larger pets require a lot more preparation than smaller creatures, who might be less uncomfortable when travelling