Sonali Shenoy


Sonali Shenoy is a feverish optimist, doggie lover and romantic. She takes word play very seriously, and derives a secret thrill from puns in conversation that her colourful sense of humour. Also she\'s a sucker for a good plot line on TV and secretly fancies moonlighting as a detective.

Palatial pursuits - the suite life of royals at Mahmudabad Estate

Fireworks and flavour are synonymous in Lucknow, whether you snack off the street or dine with a real life Nawab

17 Apr 2017

Chennai’s raddest Easter treats in an ‘egg shell’ 

From a Victorian-inspired Simnel cake that dates all the way back to medieval times to a new-age Ice Cream Easter egg that is stored at -16° celsius, there is an eclectic feast to be had this Easter

15 Apr 2017

Crust pizzeria ups the ante with plans of flavoured bases like oregano and herb

Chennai's newest thin crust pizzeria serves up a crispy bite and plates pepperoni slices we can't get enough of

20 Apr 2017

Meet the desi mentalist who wants to hypnotise eve teasers

Mumbai-based Mohit Rao has some interesting projects in the coming months including giving terminally ill cancer patients a glimpse of hope with future life regression

20 Apr 2017

Check out the first Indian origin chocolate meets Belgian waffle festival

Belgian waffle batter whipped with a hit of Chikmagalur coffee? I’ll trade my cuppa with you  for one of that please...

27 Apr 2017

Aranya Johar shocked us, shook us and inspired us, all in under two minutes

She's become a viral sensation with her video A Brown Girl's Guide to Gender Discrimination. Covering everything from Nirbhaya to marital rape, the irony is, this teen isn't even out of school yet

27 Apr 2017

Gold dusted cake for the Akshaya Tritiya weekend? Yes please 

Licking gold off your fingers is  an option this Akshaya Tritiya weekend. Serve those bangles you’ve had your eye on with these decadent bakes     

29 Apr 2017

Crazy about kombucha

This fizzy drink may just be that kick in the gut you need this summer

04 May 2017

Somdev gets back into the game, but this time with a social cause 

Somdev talks about working with the Sports Ministry and his pet project Life is a Ball

04 May 2017

Time travel with a sip

Gulab aunty revisits summer thirst quenchers we grew up with

04 May 2017

Beauty and the Bibimbap

A visual treat of colours of the rainbow mixes well with flavours off the street to give you a great hawker 

10 May 2017

This interior designer in Chennai likes creating 'happy furniture'

We’re not sure if Asha Panickar is a fan of Pharrell, but this line of  furniture definitely makes us happy 

04 Aug 2017

Life with Summer Jacobs: How to be a World Supermodel

A week ahead of jet-setting to Macau for the World Supermodel pageant, Summer Jacobs talks about 
binge watching Victoria’s Secret shows and running in five-inch heels

11 May 2017

Farm to door: guide to get mangoes cheap and haggle-free   

A round up of farm fresh portals that offer high end varieties like the Alphonso for as low as Rs 80 a kilo

18 May 2017

Go from Elliot’s Beach to England in the space of a cup and saucer

Step into Chennai's newest cafe, Flower Power Tea Room that features classic British bakes and interiors

18 May 2017

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