Ex CSK batsman Anirudha Srikkanth talks about his debut as commentator at the SA20

We chat about making the transition, his current passion for golf and high hopes for CSK in 2023!
Aniruddha Srikkanth
Aniruddha Srikkanth

Former CSK batsman Anirudha Srikkanth is following in his dad’s Krish Srikkanth’s footsteps, having recently made his debut as anchor at the SA20 on JioCinema & Colors Tamil. We have a candid chat with him on shifting gears, nerves behind the camera and his hopes for the Chennai Super Kings this year. Excerpts:

How is your experience of debuting as a commentator been like so far?
It has actually been fantastic and much different from playing the game. We thought that commentary is a lot easier, but it is actually not. Though we had a lot of protocols, the team here really made us feel comfortable and that has made our transition easier.

Handling nerves behind the camera must be very different from nerves before a match...
I would not say it was a very nervous situation for me, but the first five minutes were pretty tricky, since you are not used to what is happening and it is a different ball game altogether. But nothing comes like playing cricket as you're edgy and it always keeps you thinking about the game the entire day, like how to prepare and build up for it. I think playing cricket is really much harder on the whole.

This change has been on your mind for a few years now. Walk us through what the transition has been like…
Ever since COVID, I have been thinking about it and got a lot of offers in the last three years and have been quite reluctant about it. But of late, I have been doing a lot of YouTube shows, my confidence in YouTube has transpired and I feel this is the right time to get into this because there is life after cricket as you cannot always keep playing.

Tell us about your expectations on the Tamil connect for this tournament?
Ever since the regional channels have come up, I think the Tamil connect has been a lot higher. Every region prefers watching the game in their own language. They connect to the game very strongly. If you see Tamil commentary in particular, it is actually more entertaining and you can connect to it well as though you were talking to your own friend.

What does your fitness regimen look like?
While playing itself, I never had a great fitness regime. I basically stick to three days a week and try maintaining what I have.

Outside the stadium, tell us a little bit about yourself. How do you like to unwind?
Outside the stadium, I play a lot of golf. Golf is something which I do when I am not playing cricket or doing commentary. Now and then I help my brother in the business. But mostly my hobby is to play golf.

What are you most excited about in 2023?
What I am most excited about 2023 is obviously CSK with Ben Stokes coming in and with them making some crucial additions to the team. So, I am waiting to see how CSK will play. Also, the Sunrisers team, as I was also a former player for them. I hope they battle it out well this year!

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