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Events in Hyderabad from April 13 to 19

Published on 13th April 2018

TV's five famous female best friends

While we reminisce moments with our bestie, let’s look at 5 such best friends from the sitcom world who give us #BestFriendGoals

Published on 11th April 2018

Singer Kabul releases latest single 'Wohi Aable'

Wohi Aable is a musical melancholy with modern creative expression which has a great balming effect on the listener.

Published on 10th April 2018

Kochi’s Blue Rock bar serves a winning mixture of cocktails and ‘short eats’

Despite a lack of imported brands, folks who regularly engage in bar-hopping will definitely think of this as an alternative to M G Road’s Mezzo.

Published on 6th April 2018

Events in Hyderabad from April 6 to April 12

Published on 6th April 2018

Groove with Arjun: The 'Suit' singer is back with yet another hit track

British-Sri Lankan R’n’B singer Arjun is back with another hit track, Vaadi, and this time, he’s going back to his Tamil roots

Published on 6th April 2018

Six duos who would make the best prankster duos in real life

The ultimate day for pranks is here and it is that time of the year to make merry with the top 5 telly duos who would make the best real life pranksters.

Published on 2nd April 2018

Travel special: Las Vegas, where the party don't stop...

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Well, not this time. We’re here to kiss and tell…Well, stay with us, because we’re going to be talking about the party destination of the world.

Published on 30th March 2018

Serenades sans borders: A journey for ethnic music across cultures and time zones 

From tribal Masai sounds and entrancing folk dances of Azerbaijan to the soulful music of Tunisia, we head on a global journey to experience a revival of traditional sounds and indigenous music

Published on 30th March 2018

Events in Hyderabad from March 30 - April 5

Published on 30th March 2018

Happy & happening

Here's a round-up of the parties that happened in Hyderabad last week.

Published on 30th March 2018

Japanese whiskeys, Goan flavours and retro vibes make Off The Record a rocking party destination

Edgy décor, addictive eats and a well-stocked bar makes Off The Record the latest party destination in town

Published on 30th March 2018

From essential oil-infused body products to wild honey and millets Last Forest stocks it all 

This new store in Sivananda Colony draws attention to indigenous agro-based practices of Nilgiris through its skincare and gourmet offerings 

Published on 30th March 2018

Beachy chic and a smokey eye 

Paloma gives us a round-up of her weekend from House of Bazzar to the launch of Kokommo

Published on 30th March 2018

Film producer Manish Mundra takes to bird photography

Manish Mundra’s bird photography aims to raise awareness about conservation

Published on 30th March 2018

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