Artwork by Shaji Appukuttan
Artwork by Shaji Appukuttan

This art exhibition in Delhi re-imagines the landscape

Subhadrika Sen

Art lovers should head over to the Palette Art Gallery in New Delhi to witness their ongoing art exhibition which is titled, Paradise Regained. This exhibition showcases artworks from several notable artists and highlights on landscapes that have been mined or re-envisioned with fantasy. Each piece has a narrative of its own, which often touches an emotional chord with the viewer.

Curator of the exhibition and art critic Uma Nair mentions, “Here are a suite of paintings that have been created in the solitude of artist studios. They reflect robust imagination as well as the beauty of nature’s rhythms according to a specific time, climate and season. These intricate paintings speak to the most pressing themes of contemporary life: beauty and kindness, cruelty and loneliness, contentment, and even loss. But they also call attention to the quiet moments of life and the knowledge that all disturbances eventually calm.”

The exhibition is an amalgamation of works by various artists. While Paramjit Singh’s works trigger memories KP Prasad holds fort with surrealism and intricate detailing. Shaji Appukuttan uses landscape overview studies while Sumesh Kumballur weaves in dreamy sequences through his work. Sanam Narayan creates a dialogue between the reality and fantasy and KP Pradeep Kumar hints at the lighter intensities of the native narratives.

Paradise Regained, which was inaugurated with the Earth Day, sends across the message of preservation and conservation keeping in mind the present condition of the landscape. It uses art as a fantastic tool to showcase and start a dialogue among the arts, earth and audiences.

What: Paradise Regained

Where: Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi

When: until June 1, 2024

Time: 11 am – 7 pm