Fathima Ashraf


An over-thinker who needs space to sleep and sleep to not space out. A promoter of all things zen and letting people be. In her free time, she\'s either stargazing or having tea. Constantly intrigued but not easily amused, anything too much is not her thing. In love with cameras, colours and compositions, she likes to watch life one frame at a time and hopes to tell stories the best way she can.

Expect Chinese bhel, pretty spaces and board games at MAD House

This new café in Kilpauk has so much going on, it’s no wonder they call it the MAD House. Expect bhel with schezwan sauce, framed comic strips and board games

08 Feb 2018

At 108 Bespoke, you get custom footwear in the same fabric as that of your sherwani

Owned by brothers Bharath and Moolesh Jain, the Bengaluru-based store offers expert fashion advice by the consultants along with bespoke outfits.

08 Feb 2018

Toehold is a one-stop answer for all travel and photography enthusiasts, says Jayanth Sharma

Toehold, the Bengaluru-based travel-and-photography company, has launched its first ever digital campaign #TriptoClick, to showcase the wonders of combining travel and photography.

23 Jan 2018

Happy Birthday Javed Akhtar: Here are 15 of his best songs

As we wish him long life and happiness, we go down the memory lane to list down our picks of his best songs.

17 Jan 2018

Watch Video: This guitarist perfectly captures Studio Ghibli's theme song

Danny M, the Bengaluru-based guitar-ukelele artiste has created an amazing cover of My Neighbor Totoro theme song and you are not to miss it.

21 Mar 2018

Passion through poise

With live music and a unique treatment,  DJ Emsomneacks presents a version of the iconic play, Dance Like A Man

10 Jan 2018

Find the gold in yourselves, Ekta Kapoor inspires girls with her speech at Ted Talks India

Television’s star producer Ekta Kapoor, as she took her inspiring life story to the stage of Ted Talks India, inspired girls to find the gold within themselves.

09 Jan 2018

Old Monk fans mourn the death of Kapil Mohan, the man behind the iconic brand

The man behind one of the best selling rum in India, Old Monk, Brigadier (retd.) Kapil Mohan, former Chairman and MD of Mohan Meakin Ltd, passed away due to cardiac arrest.

09 Jan 2018

One-stop shop: Vimonisha Mega Style Souk Exhibition is back with its 117th edition

Featuring over 60 fashion designers from across India, the Vimonisha Mega Style Souk 2017- Designer Exhibition is back with its 117th edition.

19 Dec 2017

Waste not, eat a lot: Junkyard Alley is your new hangout spot in Anna Nagar

Tyres in the air and logs to spare. Junkyard Alley in Anna Nagar doubles up as a great spot to catch a burger and borrow a tyre if you’ve got a flat

07 Dec 2017

Chennai gets into the spirit of the season with three fun markets this week

Sustainable décor and free make-up trials anyone? Watch out for these pop-ups 

07 Dec 2017

Instagram shares 2017 review: Gomez, Ronaldo most popular celebrities 

People from all around the world came to Instagram to collectively experience this year’s most important events, milestones and trends ranging from from pop culture to various cultural movements.

30 Nov 2017

Padmavati: Why the movie is struggling to release

The movie along with its producers and actors have been facing the heat from certain religious groups and Rajput caste organisations who have been alleging distortion of history.

30 Aug 2018

The only thing you won’t find at Naturals B Café is a menu

This space serves up Indian food, chipotle style

23 Nov 2017

The all-new Naturals B Cafe offers desi grub, chipotle style

18 veggies, 12 sauces, 15 classic breads. The only thing you won’t find at the all-new Naturals B Café is a menu.

23 Nov 2017

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