Sonali Shenoy


Sonali Shenoy is a feverish optimist, doggie lover and romantic. She takes word play very seriously, and derives a secret thrill from puns in conversation that her colourful sense of humour. Also she\'s a sucker for a good plot line on TV and secretly fancies moonlighting as a detective.

This virtual lockdown talent hunt is raising funds for India's suffering migrant workers

Here is how a video of you singing or dancing could help pay for a meal

02 Jun 2020

Adopt a shark, help Chennai's VGP Marine Kingdom during tough times

The aquarium which is home to over 250 species of marine wildlife is reaching out to aqua warriors to help the establishment stay afloat

30 May 2020

Food trend: Our picks of DIY meals kits from Chennai restaurants for hassle-free cooking 

Create restaurant-worthy pizzas, noodles and medhu vadas in less than 10 minutes!

30 May 2020

Recipe: This gluten-free chocolate lava cookie will blow your mind

Food blogger Aditi Mammen Gupta shows us how

28 May 2020

How the COVID-19 pandemic helped meat provider Fipola in Chennai to grow its monthly revenue from 1.5 crore to 4 crore in less than 45 days

CEO Sushil Kanugolu on how the ongoing pandemic is boosting their numbers beyond his wildest dreams

22 May 2020

Yohan Chacko from Chennai has traded dentistry for making deck chairs during the lockdown

The Chennai-based dad and theatre personality has spent his free time teaching himself the art of carpentry, and how!

14 May 2020

Wellness: Sleep experts share the best ways to cope with your lockdown insomnia

And if you are wondering what exactly is causing it - you might be suprised

13 May 2020

88 singers from Kodaikanal to Korea come together for anthem of hope

The song titled Perfect Sunrise features nine languages as a metaphor for unity in diversity — ranging from English, Tamil and Hindi to Malayalam, German and even Spanish

29 Apr 2020

Mumbai singer Mali’s quarantine-inspired music video features empty streets from South Bombay to Sao Paulo

The artiste got friends and fans from around the world to send her drone and mobile footage from around their homes

29 Apr 2020

Fast and feast: Our picks of the best iftar boxes in Chennai

Skyrocketing mutton prices mean a lot more chicken in iftar boxes this year. Think nuggets, cutlets and even steak!

29 Apr 2020

Interview special! A chat with Sadhguru: How do we live better in these difficult times?

The spiritual leader and mystic answers all of our questions in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

23 Apr 2020

Digital concerts, veshti masks & quarantine art plates: These people show us the key to positivity in a lockdown is giving

Kindness meets creativity as isolation brings the need to come together more than ever before

17 Apr 2020

Star hotel kitchens serve up love under lockdown for Chennai's street dogs

The meals usually include a balanced diet of rice, boiled meat and a dash of turmeric

11 Apr 2020

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