Aathira Haridas

Voice of the fisherfolk

Journalist K A Shaji’s new documentary talks about the lives of fisherfolk struggling with sea erosion

13 May 2022

Under an entrepreneurial roof

A bunch of women from all walks of life came together to create a space where they share resources and responsibilities and help each other grow

04 May 2022

Weaving a niche

Zeenath Irshad became an embroidery artist quite unexpectedly

15 Apr 2022

The many hues of faith

Nasreen Anshad’s brand SAWB makes beautiful garments specially created for Namaz with dreamy designs 

13 Apr 2022

Fashion for all

Nazreen’s brand, Rui offers sustainable designs that fit all

01 Apr 2022

A dark metamorphosis

Avasavyooham by director Krishand tells the fantastical story of Joy and the island of Puthuvype 

25 Mar 2022

Movies on wheels 

The travelling cinema of yore is brought back in an all new package by French artist Le Gentil Garçon. The film will travel in an autorickshaw to remote places 

25 Mar 2022

Colonial revisits

Through his charcoal artworks, Rakesh P K is taking us on a trip to the past

21 Mar 2022

Clay play of memories

Akshara Santhosh gives a new lease of life to memories and incidents through her clay portraits

17 Mar 2022

Death without suffering

One of the pioneers of palliative care in the country, Dr M R Rajagopal, recently released the book Walk with the Weary: Lessons in humanity in health care

15 Mar 2022

Just Malayali things!

Arya Akhil designs unique wooden jewellery inspired by quintessential Kerala things

09 Mar 2022

ABCs of butterflies 

The focus was on introducing the many categories of butterflies you will chance upon when you travel

02 Mar 2022

Canvas beyond borders

For artist Umesh Pathiripala who stumbled upon his creative spirit by accident, everything around him is a medium for art.

25 Feb 2022

Fusing traditional art and home decors

Kiron Nair’s decor designs are unique. Her spatulas are beautified with Madhubani art and cushion covers are swathed in Theyyam and Kathakali motifs

21 Jan 2022

Spruce up your home with plantain decors

Architect Anooja Jayalakshmi has been crafting furniture and decors from plantain fibres. Now, she is trying to popularise the craft in the state

20 Jan 2022

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