Krishna P S

  Lovely, dark and deep

Deepa Gopal’s paintings are surreal but inspired by real-life experiences. They offer a glimpse into the feminine mindscape

11 May 2022

Spectacularly bizzare

Bora Chung’s short story collection Cursed Bunny, translated by Anton Hur, has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize

29 Apr 2022

Dystopian colours

Basanth Peringode can paint a dystopian world that can be unsettling to viewers — a bleak, morbid reflection of tomorrow

27 Apr 2022

World is their canvas

An artist couple from India is a familiar face at many art festivals across the world — Florida to Venice

25 Apr 2022

World of women

The Chroma Della Vita exhibition that concluded recently at Lalitha Kaka Academy Art Gallery in Kozhikode was filled with many hues of creativity and freedom

22 Apr 2022

Comfort with a pinch of SaltInstead, she can feel comfortable and at ease.

Instead, she can feel comfortable and at ease.

20 Apr 2022

Clara breaks free

Clara Sola is enchanting. Its frames that explore lush green places in the lap of nature, a tender story, meticulous character sketches and screenplay — it is a convergence of many perfect things.

19 Apr 2022

Stories of yore get a new life

Kalamandalam Aswathy Narayanan is on a mission to revive ottan thullal by performing the stories of many forgotten writers 

13 Apr 2022

From the garden of life

Some movies make you meditate on the meaning of life, time and existence.

06 Apr 2022

Talk of the town

After a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic, the International Film Festival of Kerala was held on a grand scale in Thiruvananthapuram last month. It came to Kochi last week

05 Apr 2022

Of quirky humour

Aakansha Menon has a way of turning mundane things into relatable art

24 Mar 2022

Catch the boho wave

Febin George started her adventures with macrame just two years ago. Now, she has a fashion brand that is enabling women to embrace their boho-chic side 

23 Mar 2022

Reflection of minds

Sreejith’s art based on mental health has been healing many for two years now

22 Mar 2022

Yogashram for the body and soul

Dr Akhila Vinod believes in complete healing — physical, mental and spiritual

14 Mar 2022

Art of its own

From murals to illustrations, Priya’s art takes many forms. Her recent social media exhibition attracted a lot of attention from netizens

05 Mar 2022

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