Svitch Bike’s CSR 762 e-bike might launch in India soon!

Svitch Bike has showcased their CSR 762 e-bike concept that they are looking forward to launching in India soon
The prototype of the new-gen Svitch Bike CSR 762
The prototype of the new-gen Svitch Bike CSR 762

The Svitch Bike CSR 762 ushers in an air of freshness with its sharp styling and it is touted to pack a ton of tech on board to ensure that riders experience a thrilling ride.

Powering the bike is a 3KW motor that allows the bike to reach a top speed of 110 km/h. With swappable 3.6KW batteries, the bike has a range of 120 km on a single charge which definitely adds to its overall practicality. Speaking of which, the bike gets a 30 litre space on board where riders can store their riding gear, helmet or groceries.

Incidentally, the CSR 762 is the 10th prototype that the company has developed and is the result of design and tech changes that the company has done based on the feedback of earlier versions. This version, however, is the final design and currently has been submitted for approvals with the government before it is allowed to roll out in the market. While Svitch Bike is a relatively new company in India, they have already established over 125 touchpoints and are expanding that to 250 within the next year. 

The company is rather bullish on the prospects that e-bikes have in the country and are betting on the CSR 762 to fill a space that few other e-bike manufacturers have ventured into. Svitch Bike is targeting a 2022 launch with their product and it is expected to cost anywhere between `1.65 lakh – 1.90 lakh when it finally hits showrooms.

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