Bajaj Freedom CNG motorcycle debuts: 50 per cent fuel savings and lower emissions for a greener ride

India's pioneering two-wheeler manufacturer introduces the world's first CNG bike
Bajaj Freedom CNG
Bajaj Freedom CNG

Bajaj Auto, proudly announces the launch of Freedom, the world’s first CNG motorcycle. This will provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petrol motorcycles. The Bajaj Freedom CNG motorcycle offers a 50% cost savings by significantly reducing fuel expenses, as compared to similar petrol motorcycles. The CNG tank provides a range of 200+ km on just 2 kg of CNG fuel. Additionally, it also has a 2-liter petrol tank which performs as a range extender, offering over 130 kilometres of range in case the CNG tank is empty, ensuring an uninterrupted journey. CNG combustion produces approximately 26.7% less CO2 emissions than petrol, contributing to mitigating climate change. Additionally, CNG vehicles emit 85% lower NMHC’s (non-methane hydrocarbons) and 43% less NOx (nitrogen oxide).

The challenge posed in creating a CNG motorcycle is the packaging, given the compact nature of motorcycles compared to cars. The Bajaj Freedom CNG Motorcycle has an integrated CNG tank and kit housed securely in a trellis frame, with proven safety through rigorous testing. A horizontally inclined engine and a Link-Mono shock system optimize space and provide a stable ride. The design features a friendly saddle height of 825mm and a narrow mid-section for easy ground contact. Despite the CNG tank, smart weight-saving measures maintain a similar center of gravity to petrol motorcycles, ensuring neutral handling and rider confidence. The mono-linked type suspension offers better wheel travel and comfort, making the motorcycle suitable for various riding conditions.

Priced from INR 95,000 onwards

Bajaj Freedom CNG
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