River Indie EV scooter sets new benchmark in electric mobility

This little known company has come out with an electric scooter that is the biggest and the baddest of ’em all
River Indie EV scooter
River Indie EV scooter

River, a little-KNOWN electric scooter maker, has been the talk of the town ever since it showcased its new product, the Indie EV scooter. The company claims that this is the SUV of all scooters, and now that we have ridden the scooter, we can easily say that we are in a position to validate their claim. After all, this is a product that is made in Bengaluru, and we all know that good things come out of Bengaluru, right?

River Indie EV scooter
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Starting with the design, we feel it is truly international and unique in every way. We say this because this surely is a unique design coming out of an Indian design studio. The chunky headlights and the elegant and large tail lamps are all likely inspirations taken from high-end automobiles. The spread of the LED headlamps is very good, easily one of the best in the segment. The other, of course, is the range of beautiful colours that the scooter comes in — very pop, very trendy, and even the luggage rack built into the side panels with a cut-out is a 9.5 out of 10.

The second big thing on the scooter is staying true to the utility part of the scooter. The storage space in the Indie is truly s o m e t h i n g t o be considered praiseworthy. The big scooter houses a 35-litre under seat storage, a large storage under the handlebar, and the largest footboard in any e-scooter till date. All this makes it the most spacious and practical scooter out there. Even if you load the floor board to its maximum capacity, the side mounted and easily foldable footrest helps you get a proper grip on the scooter.

In spite of its large dimensions, the scooter rides quite comfortably on our roads. The high quality swingarm, suspension, and wheels set a new standard in the industry. As the speeds go higher, the scooter stays planted and firm, without losing its comfort factor. No doubt, some of the suspension stiffness helps to manage loads over traditional scooters, while its 4kWh battery pack easily gives around 90-95 km of range.

River Indie EV scooter
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The performance is thanks to the EV aspect, but it isn’t as scintillating as you would expect from a big and pricey scooter. In the war of premium electric scooters, the River Indie has set a new benchmark, with its only competition being the Ather Rizta to a certain extent. Priced at `1.38 lakh, ex-showroom.

Story by Mohit Soni

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