BMW Motorrad's 2024 R 1300 GS: A legendary boxer redefined

For 40 years, this company has produced its novel boxer-engine motorcycles, a hit with both mature and amateur riders, besides being a record breaker in terms of global expeditions
BMW R 1300 GS
BMW R 1300 GS

A 40 year old legendary name needs no introduction. BMW Motorrad’s sub brand GS is an icon in touring motorcycling worldwide. Its the swiss army knife of bikes – touring, urban riding, long explorations – you name it and the GS does it. BMW has constantly upgraded this machine not only in terms of its powerplant but electronics as well, which is crucial in today’s world.

BMW R 1300 GS
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The bike has set many records in traversing the globe including the famed Paris-Dakar rally with the kind of grace, thump, and roar from the boxer engine that rarely other brands have managed to achieve. The GS is favourite among young enthusiast but even more of a cult among the experienced people around the world. The new 2024 BMW R 1300 GS has taken that legacy forward with a heavily revised engine, suspension, chassis, and most importantly electronics.

The bike was always known for its quirky front headlights in its 1250 avatar, but now it gets another design change to visually mark the 1300. The rear stop lamps are now integrated into the LED turn indicators that is more of a trend worldwide now. The side profile is slimmer than before, and it has lost a bit of that bulk. All this is due to some plastic fairings keeping the mechanical bits covered and the fuel tank is slimmer than before. However, this just adds to its big bike charm to a large extent. Hop on to the bike, and the first thing that strikes you is that the instrument cluster is the same as the outgoing 1250 variant. The cluster is operated by a dial and buttons on the left-hand side of the switch gear. A new 'sandwich' button takes care of important features on the go including a brand new electrically adjustable screen, heated grips, traction control and other aspects. A navigator can be bought from BMW, which is based on an Android platform and makes life easier. Even the mounting is simple – since it’s a plug n play BMW accessory.

BMW R 1300 GS
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BMW R 1300 GS
BMW R 1300 GS

Riding the R 1300 GS is a similar affair as before, though you do notice some changes. The ergonomics are spot on and gives you the feeling of a true-blue adventure motorcycle. The fuel tank gives a good grip to your knees whilst a wide enough handlebar gives you leverage at all speeds and road conditions, whether you are hugging curves or just blasting up straight roads. The new motor with a very high compression ratio of 13.3:1 gives it good grunt. 145 horses are at your command while 134 Nm of torque gives you amazing power, even with the age-old boxer layout. The motor gets Shift-cam technology, which gives you a great torque spread both at lower RPMs and at higher ends thanks to two variable camshaft timings. The gearbox is silky smooth, and the electronically adjusting adjusted to good and bad situations instantly and with great precision as it now has both an adjustable damper and spring.

The BMW R 1300 GS is clearly more potent than ever before and rewrites history yet again, even in this era of high expectations.

Priced at INR 20.95 lakhs, ex-showroom.

Story by Mohit Soni

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