Smart phone to smart car - a new electric car by a mobile phone manufacturer

Electric cars are all the rage right now and performance sedans are the normin this segment. So this company combines both to showcase a unique product, coming to India in the nearby future.
Xiaomi SU7
Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi, a global technology leader, today showcased the SU7 on the occasion of its 10-year anniversary in India, serving as an integral element of the “Human x Car x Home” smart ecosystem. It has been showcased on the Indian stage, offering a glimpse into Xiaomi's pioneering vision for an intelligent future where all user needs are seamlessly met within one smart ecosystem.

The SU7, Xiaomi EV's first product, is positioned as a "full-size high performance eco-technology sedan" that pushes boundaries in performance, ecosystem integration, and the mobile smart space. Alongside the design, the company has developed five core EV technologies: E-Motor, CTB Integrated Battery, Xiaomi Die-Casting, Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving, and Smart Cabin. Backed by a monumental investment and a global team of more than 3,400 engineers and 1,000 technical experts in key areas, it has produced a truly outstanding vehicle that has redefined the EV industry.

The Xiaomi SU7 Max which was showcased in India features 673 ps of power as well as a maximum range of 800 km on a single charge. With 838 nm of torque, the car can accelerate from standstill to a 100 km/h in 2.78 seconds and tops out at 265 km/h. Thanks to a top level braking system, it is also able to stop from 100 km/h in a distance of just 33.3 metres. Ensuring safety, it features a steel-aluminum alloy armored cage and is equipped with a comprehensive suite of 16 active safety features that provide 360° protection.

The vehicle epitomises the essence of a luxury C-class sedan with its ergonomically crafted design and cutting-edge technology. The interior of the SU7 is a symphony of precision and comfort, with the steering wheel, seats, instrument panel, and HUD symmetrically aligned around the central axis. The vehicle features a 16.1-inch 3K ultra-clear central control screen, a large 56-inch HUD, and a rotating dashboard for a welcoming ceremony every time it is started. It supports connecting Xiaomi tablets as additional screens, creating a 5-screen linkage in the car.

Pricing and launch dates in India not mentioned yet.

Xiaomi SU7
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