Fans think they have discovered Harry Styles' secret Tik Tok account after unreleased music turns up

Is Harry Styles secretly on Tik Tok?
Is Harry Styles secretly on Tik Tok?
Is Harry Styles secretly on Tik Tok?

Harry Styles is almost always trending on Tik Tok, be it for his craft-core cardigan or the famous Harry Styles candle, but funnily enough the pop icon does not have an official Tik Tok account. But the Styles fandom has been abuzz with speculation because fans of the British pop star believe that he has a secret Tik Tok account under a different name, after some unreleased music turned up on the page. A few days back a Tik Tok account under the name @terrytome posted a video of a gloved hand playing an instrumental version of Styles’s track ‘Falling’ on an Otamatone, which is a kind of electronic synthesizer.

The caption read “In the making of my cover of Falling by Harry Styles,” but fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that the account actually belonged to Harry. To make things more obvious the person behind the Terry Tome account commented on a video that the reason he used gloves on his hand is because he has very recogisable hands, and that obviously led the Tik Toker community to think it was Harry himself. More recently, the account has posted several Otamatone covers of Harry's hits, including an unreleased track called ‘Medicine.’

Interstingly, this number has only performed live but never had a studio recording. "Wait you have a studio version of the instrumental,” one fan asked, to which Terry replied “I no. No I don’t.” Styles just marked his former band One Direction's ten-year anniversary on Instagram with a post on his Stories, but has yet to respond to the speculation that the Tik Tok account belongs to him. 

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