nrtya X SOCIAL brings immersive art experience to five cities with 'Fresh Cut' starting in Mumbai 

Watch out for up-and-coming illustrators, photographers, painters, craft artisans and graphic artists all from different art influences
Artwork Credits: Tanaya Sharma
Artwork Credits: Tanaya Sharma

A spread of art exhibitions with an adequate serving of freshly brewed coffee, good food and good company is a growing concept, especially in Indian metropolitans. You could be exploring the streets of Pali Hill, Bandra or walking past Blossoms Book Store in Bengaluru and you would find small exhibitions celebrating homegrown artistes.

From illustrators to graphic designers, painters and craft artisans, art has found a new space in these all-day-long art fetes. Building upon this concept, Nrtya has collaborated with Social to bring an immersive art experience to five cities namely Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bengaluru and Pune.

Their collaborative intellectual property named ‘Fresh Cut’ will showcase the talents of up-and-coming talents whilst giving art enthusiasts the opportunity to own a piece from the artiste’s collection.

The fete will be kick-starting in Vikhroli Social, Mumbai this Sunday. You can expect more than 15 artists from the city’s indie art scene to take over the space. The Artichoke Affair, Krupali Gondhalekar and Varun Mehta are a few names to watch out for.

The IP will then move to Delhi on June 3 and Chandigarh on June 4. It will make its way to Bengaluru’s Church Street Social on June 11 and Pune’s The Mills on June 18. The first edition of ‘Fresh Cuts’ opened to a pan-India success and has now been renewed for 5 more.

Entry free at all locations. Tickets on

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