Abstract artist Amrish Malvankar showcases his artwork at the India Art Festival 2023

Crafted in the universal language of colors, his paintings explore creativity, spirituality and celebrate the highest form of energy called ‘life’.
In frame: Amrish Malvankar
In frame: Amrish Malvankar

Art is the best medium of expression. It provides us a route to another world where the only limitation is your imagination. While knowledge feeds the mind, art nurtures the soul. “What distinguishes my art is my unconventional approach to color and medium.,” said Amrish Malvankar who is showcasing an eclectic mix of his artwork from various collections at the India Art Festival (Booth 68-69 || 2 Nov 2023 – 5 Nov 2023) to be held at Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg, New Delhi.

Crafted in the universal language of colors, his paintings explore creativity, spirituality and celebrate the highest form of energy called ‘life’. Most of his works are an extension of his creative mind and connect fundamentally to every soul in search of purification. “ I experiment with a wide range of materials, pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques and discovering new processes. This exploration leads to the creation of captivating combinations and a diverse range of colors that add vibrancy and richness to my compositions. You will see this reflected in each of the art pieces of the collection that I  have put together for this exhibition”, begins Amrish.

Like most artists, Amrish truly believes that art can be a huge motivator for massive social change. He feels that today people are more accepting of new and experimental media. With acrylics, installations and digital art co-existing in harmony, art can be created and showcased in many different forms today.  “My painting style is intuitive and it comes alive as I dive into my creative process and watch it unfold on canvas. I establish a deep connection with each piece, allowing it to guide my brush with meticulous attention to detail. This approach results in paintings that possess both depth and complexity, serving as a natural extension of my artistic vision. Each painting reveals my state of mind at that point which is usually happy and harmonious. I strongly believe paintings hold a personal connection with viewers, resonating with them based on their reflections and interpretations. Rather than imposing a singular narrative, I invite individuals to appreciate the visual beauty of the artwork and explore their emotional responses to it”, adds Amrish.

He is an architect turned full-time artist and is renowned for his intricate and aesthetically pleasing paintings that seamlessly blend his architectural expertise with his artistic endeavors. “My study of Architecture has given me a unique perspective toward art. While my style is intuitive, bold and aesthetic which makes arresting statement pieces for homes and offices, I understand what will create a striking combination for an art patron based on their interior design, preferences and quality of care they can provide towards the upkeep of the painting. The last element is not what most people think about when buying art. To me, it is equally important that the art patron be able to maintain the painting purchased to ensure they find continued joy in the colors and composition. If the latter takes too much of their time, money and effort, the art world loses a patron forever”, Amrish said.

Whilst the income vs creative pursuit within him struggled for over a year after which he gave in and followed his passion for creating art. “The desire for independence and to create something of my own drove me to start my architectural practice. Designing homes held a stronger appeal than working on huge buildings, as it allowed me to connect personally with people and their memories. To expand my horizons, I explored fields like visual merchandising and exhibition designing, diversifying my services and embracing new creative avenues. Despite the demands of entrepreneurship, I never let go of my passion for painting. It became my escape, providing relaxation and a space for creative expression. My decision to start the business was a culmination of experiences, an entrepreneurial spirit, a love for designing homes, and a commitment to continuous learning and artistic expression through painting. This journey has been fueled by passion, ambition, and a determination to leave a mark in the design world while staying true to my interests and values. However, my art was my true calling. It would not let me rest. Every wall in my home had a painted canvas. I thought nothing of it till I met my wife who took one look at it and encouraged me to follow my true passion. She played a pivotal role in enabling me to make the transition from a business owner to an artist”, avers Amrish.
While many artists often tend to merge reality with fantasy in their depiction of human life; Amrish chooses a more subtle approach with bold colors, creamy textures and raspy tones. He often weaves together different styles to bring alive the concept he has in mind. “The synthesis of contrasting colors and powerful brushwork in my paintings represents a pinnacle of dialectical reasoning. Conflicts and tensions are resolved harmoniously, culminating in a creative resolution that captivates the viewer. Each piece in my collection demands attention, enticing observers to explore its intricate details and discover new layers of meaning with each observation. It is a visual journey that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It evokes introspection, provokes thought, and encourages a deeper appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the world around us. Abstract art speaks to the soul in a language beyond words, inviting art patrons to explore the limitless realms of emotion, imagination, and interpretation. It is a boundless journey of self-discovery, where every stroke and color choice becomes a mirror to one's unique inner world”, he adds.

His upcoming plans include showcasing his artwork at World Art Dubai in May 2024 and creating more and more art. “The impact my paintings have on viewers is a source of deep fulfillment and humility for me. I still remember the art teachers coming down to meet me for my first art exhibition in 2010 at Karnataka ChitraKala Parishath, Bangalore and sending their students to see the exhibition where they appreciated the raw energy and encouraged me to pursue this talent. I am deeply grateful to them for the initial encouragement and recognition of my art. It truly inspires me”, he signs off.

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