Voices of Women brings together women artists across the country

An amalgamation of different ideas, narratives and mediums, the art exhibition will take place from April 9 – 15 in New Delhi
An artwork by Neha Luthra
An artwork by Neha Luthra

The art exhibition Voices of Women gives a platform to emerging women artists across the country to take their art to the audience. Curated by Teesta Bhandare, associate director of Art Mumbai and founder, Art Garde, the exhibition is being organised under the umbrella if the Young Collector’s Pop-up launched back in 2022.

What is unique about the displays is the variety of mediums, styles and experiences that translate into art. It aims to negate several stereotypes associated with women artists including the gender disparity in the profession and avenue of expansion. Delving deeper into the theme of the artworks, one commonality that surfaces is the way how each woman artist responds to the contemporary stimuli that impacts in a personal of general way in society.

An artwork by Neha Luthra
The painted brides of Dhaka’s Streets

Participating artists include Malavika Rajnarayan whose visual language is sharpened by miniature painting traditions inspired by beauty, grace and poetry. Award-winning art director of Parineeta, Eklavya and Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Tanushree Sarkar’s works draw inspiration from Indian history and culture. Fusing principles of Physics with art. Anushree Rabadia’s techniques include flow, texture, rhythm, sensitivity and optical illusions to create 2-dimensional pieces. Ekta Singha fuses miniature paintings and Pata scroll paintings for her wonderful productions. Maitreyi Desai draws attention to her works with the use of nature representations and going back to her roots. Neha Luthra on the other hand draws from photography and her life experiences.

Sareena Khemka is known for her talent in visual art comprising drawing, paintings and sculpture installations. Topics related to nature, ecology and memory are close to Astha Patel’s work of art. Vijaya Chauhan’s artworks are inspired from Braille while Tarini Sethi’s work embodies the ideas of gender, perfection and beauty. Lastly, Sonali Laha steps into the spiritual and visceral levels with her works.

An artwork by Neha Luthra
The House of speed

What: Art Exhibition: Voices of Women

Where: A2/22 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

When: April 9 – 15, 2024

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