Apurva Bhuta launches his debut novel, The Patriots’ Legacy: Forbidden Treasure

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Apurva Bhuta

Apurva Bhuta

Mumbai: Apurva Bhuta, a successful Mumbai-based entrepreneur, launched his debut novel, The Patriots’ Legacy: Forbidden Treasure.

The book is a fantasy-thriller, which explores the journey of seven protagonists known as Young Patriots, as they traverse the far-flung corners of the planet to unearth a priceless treasure.

The book brilliantly narrates the struggles, physical, emotional and mental, faced by the seven protagonists on their quest.

It makes them question their motives, legacy, honour, and in the end, the very significance of the expedition as they are confronted with the choice of either saving their friend or chasing the treasure. 

Speaking on his inspiration for the book, Bhuta said, “Storytelling has fascinated me, because it allows one’s creativity to roam unbridled. Before I sat down to write The Patriots’ Legacy, my storytelling stints were limited to narrating bedtime stories to my kids."

"I love to watch science-fiction and thriller adventure movies, which have played a big role in acting as a catalyst for this book. The plot was just a germ of an idea in my head and as I started putting words to action, the story unfolded like destiny.”

Explaining the plot, he further added, “The Kingdom of Allegiance amassed unimaginable treasure over centuries which could only be traced by The Patriots, a secret group of the Kingdom’s loyalist architects and archaeologists, by unravelling a secret code."

"The challenge is that the pieces of this code have been scattered in the most obscure places on earth. Fate intervenes, brings seven descendants of The Patriots to band together and find the treasure cache."

Unbeknownst to them, an underworld kingpin has laid a nefarious trap to grab the treasure once it’s discovered. In the end, the group is confronted with a choice which tests their humanity.

The Patriots’ Legacy is as much a journey as the one which the protagonists undertake. I hope that this adventure will intrigue the minds of the readers, especially young readers, who would be able to relate the traditional narrative with the modern world”.



An alumnus of University of Massachusetts at Lowell, USA, Apurva completed his Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Systems. He is a Production Engineer from the DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering. Before that he did his schooling from St Xavier’s High School, Mumbai.

The book is available online, for Kindle eBooks and in paperback at major leading book stores.