Madanothsava is back after a two year hiatus

The festival aims at bringing back traditional cultures of Karnataka

Madanothsava or Vasanthosava is the brainchild of dance exponents Nirupama Rajendra and Rajendra TD. First held in 2018, the third edition of this upcoming festival features an array of performances and activities that the viewers can also be part of. These include the traditional sahakara bhanjikotsava, charcharinritya, various musical and dance performances, traditional board games and multiple stalls that have handlooms, handicrafts, books and food. Some of the performances to look forward to include a Hindustani classical performance by Venkatesh Kumar, bharatanrittam by Abhinava Dance Company and a carnatic classical perform-ance by Ranjani & Gayatri. We talk to Nirupama, who co-started Madanothsava in the city and is also the co-founder of Abhinava Dance Company.

Madanothsava festival, which involves all types of arts, so, we did not restrict ourselves to one particular style. We are open to all styles of dance. We have kuchipudi, bharatanatyam, odissi and kathak. We follow the same for music as well,” Nirupama begins.

Rajendra TD and Nirupama Rajendra
Rajendra TD and Nirupama Rajendra

The past editions of the festival had multiple features like sand art, shadow plays and glow art. Nirupama believes that the audience should also take part in these activities. “In earlier times, there used to be aasthanakavis and there were various challenges given by the king. So, we have kept chaturavadhana (an impromptu poetic feat) and avadhanam. Through such events, the audience will also be able to participate,” she adds.

The festival also features two special dance called charcharinritya and sahakaarabhanjikothsava, which directly involve the participation of the audience. In the performance known as sahakaarabhanjikothsava, participants dance around a mango tree while simultaneously picking mangoes from the tree. The Vijayanagara Empire’s poets and writers Kalidasa and Vemabhupala both mention the charcharinritya. “The audience won’t just be watching the dancers perform but will come and dance along with us. There won’t be a separation between a professional performer and the audience,” adds the dancer.


Talking about the future projects, the dancer reveals, “We have musicals, which are like the Disney-style musicals, but on the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. We are looking to stage them in April-May. We also have a possible tour to the US in September on the occasion of 50 years of the Kannada Association there.”

Entry free. March 5, 7.30 am. At Ramanjaneya Gudda, Hanumanthanagar

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