Interview: Siri Narayan talks about being a multilingual rapper and what inspires her to make music

Siri began her rapping career four years ago, after listening to B.o.B by Nicki Minaj.

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Siri Narayan

Siri Narayan

Siri Narayan is one of the few female rappers in India, who is known for rapping in multiple languages including Kannada, Telugu English and Hindi. She began her rapping career four years ago, after listening to B.o.B by Nicki Minaj. She started off by performing at college events and her first rap performance still remains the closest to her heart as it drove her to create more music. She chats with Indulge about her journey and rapping in different languages. Excerpts:

How did you as an artist relate to Budweiser's Be A King campaign?
By being the king cause its gender neutral. Because you know your worth and make people realise theirs and that anybody can be a king.

What do you think is the future of rap in Indian music landscape?
Diverse! Everyone’s getting into rap. And considering India is a melting pot, we shall all witness an eclectic mixture. So far I’ve rapped in Kannada, English, Hindi and Telugu in my projects.

As one of the few women in the industry, is your struggle amplified?
Yes and also no. Yes because some people might not take you seriously. No, because some people take you too seriously cause you’re a female rapper. Not sure if that’s a good thing. 

What did your family think or your foray into rap? Were they supportive, and how so?
My mom still doesn’t understand what I do, dad is pretty understanding now and very supportive. Initially, both of them never believed in me and that was very hard on me mentally. I’m glad things worked out great eventually. So I urge people to rebel out even against your parents because they will eventually understand, otherwise, both parents and yourself will be miserable for not pursuing what you want in life. The best thing is to move out and live alone. I did that, I live in the same city as my parents. Things were never easy but things WILL work out for everyone in due time.

You're a multilingual rapper. How do you choose the appropriate language for each section of a song?
When I’m mixing languages I make sure there is a smooth transition between them and both languages are well balanced. Each project is handled differently.

What inspires you to create music?
My love towards the art and my idea of success.