Hyderabad-based singer Rinky Sharma talks about her debut EP, Tangled, and upcoming multi-city tour

In about a week’s time, the EP has received positive responses from the Hyderabad's listeners.

A Harini Prasad Published :  21st June 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  21st June 2019 06:00 AM
Rinky Sharma Performance

Rinky Sharma

With acoustic guitar lines and lively vocals, city-based singer-songwriter Rinky Sharma is exploring a range of emotions in her debut EP, Tangled. Released last week, the five-track EP is inspired from various phases of life, which makes it more relatable, as Rinky points out. “Each of the songs that I’ve released has a different emotion that would take the listener to a particular point in their lives. Tangled will take you from feeling excited to feeling loved and also, nostalgic,” she shares. Apart from writing and singing the songs, she has also composed the tune and played the guitar for the EP.

Rinky has a penchant for mellifluous tunes, which can be felt in her songs. The four-minute-long title track is themed around living in the moment, with no thoughts about what the future has in store. Ankahi and Somehow are all about the melody, and her previously released upbeat single, Zindagi, is also a part of the EP. While none of the songs have a common theme that binds them together, Rinky says that this factor makes the EP more fluid. “When you listen to the songs, it’s similar to all the different feelings you have on any particular day. So there is no homogeneity but I see it as a positive factor,” she clarifies.

In about a week’s time, the EP has received positive responses from the listeners in Hyderabad, with audiences also requesting her to perform them at her gigs. “At gigs, it’s all about performing, which is externally driven. On the other hand, when you write a song, you put a part of yourself out there. It was challenging for me to get myself to write and release the EP, when I first started writing lyrics four years ago. But it’s all worth it, now that I have people messaging and requesting me to sing it more often,” Rinky says, adding that she will be soon touring to other cities with her EP.

Catch her perform with her band, The Playmores, at Juri Cafe & Bar. 
Rinky will soon launch her EP in Heart Cup Coffee (Hyderabad), B Flat (Bengaluru) and The Finch (Mumbai). 

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