The Sleeping Satellite's new song Udd Chala is about liberating yourself and taking a leap of faith

Udd Chala is a part of their upcoming EP Manzil, which is set to have various sounds like from alternative rock to post/progressive rock.

Paulami Sen Published :  10th June 2020 07:22 PM   |   Published :   |  10th June 2020 07:22 PM

From (Left -Right) Raja Pradhan, Reeshav Gohain, Mondip Kalita and Albert Dyrile Lakra

Recently released track, Udd Chala by the quartet, The Sleeping Satellite, sounds haunting and soothing at the same time. As we delved deep into this relatively new discovery of ours, we found out more about the Mumbai-based band that was formed around two years ago. It was when the lead vocalist of the band Albert Dyrile Lakra approached bassist Mondip Kalita with the request to work on a song. The former says, “I still remember the aghast look on his face when he heard it! He was blown away and but that’s where the idea of forming a band came into play.” Apart from him and Mondip, the band comprises Reeshav Gohain (Drums) and Raja Pradhan (Guitar) make up this band. 

Udd Chala is a part of their upcoming EP Manzil, which is set to have various sounds like from alternative rock to post/progressive rock. The thread that unifies them is the fact that they are or have been playing for metal bands at some point in time in their lives. “That commonality helped us get to know each other better and I guess that’s part of the reason why we’re able to communicate what we’re looking for in each other. It becomes seamless after one point of time and you don’t have to think about it anymore,” says Mondip. 

The writing of Udd Chala was a team effort. While Albert wrote the chorus was me, it started him and Raja penning down the vibe that Mondip was playing on the acoustic guitar. Later their friend Surbhit chipped in to complete the rest of the lyrics. Raja, further elaborates, that the song is about asking someone to take a leap of faith. The guitarist says, “This song is for those who never even tried because of whatever reasons and that’s not ok. Failing is better than living life with regrets. So this song urges the listener to go chase that dream and give it all you got!” The members say that as they got to know each other better with every song it impacted their creative process positively. Often they pick one idea at a time and then begin the process of putting notes to the ideas in their repertoire and lyrics as well. They are almost done with the EP and were in the process of releasing it when the unfortunate circumstances of the pandemic and lockdown began. Albert says the EP certainly reflects and hints at the uncertainty of our times. “We’ll be releasing a song a month to keep up with this plan and in the end release the EP to be streamed on all major platforms,” concludes the vocalist of the Mumbai-based band. 

The song was recently released on streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and so on.