Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande surprise fans in need by donating money to help pay bills, rent

Taylor Swift is helping fill the blank space where incomes have gone for several of her fans, while Ariana Grande has been sending cash to her fans in need.

author_img Joy S Published :  27th March 2020 09:45 AM   |   Published :   |  27th March 2020 09:45 AM
Taylor Swift & Ariana Grande

Taylor Swift & Ariana Grande

From finding ways to help others cope to putting up shelters in place to canceling events, the entertainment industry is reacting in its own way to the spread of the coronavirus.

Taylor Swift is helping fill the blank space where incomes have gone for several of her fans. Some have gotten thousands of dollars from the Lover and 1989 hitmaker, according to AP reports.

One fan, Holly Turner, got a cash infusion from Swift after the freelance music photographer and graphic designer wrote on Tumblr that her livelihood was threatened and she was considering whether to leave New York City.

Swift sent $3,000 and wrote, “Holly, you've always been there for me. I want to be there for you right now. I hope this helps. Love, Taylor.”

Turner was understandably shocked. Swift “literally single-handedly saved my ability to stay here. I cannot even believe my eyes right now,” Turner wrote.

Swift also sent $3,000 to another fan who was stressed about bills piling up, prompting this response from the grateful recipient: “This beautiful magical unbelievable human. I don’t even know where to begin.”

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande is also aware of the plight of many of her fans amid the coronavirus pandemic, and she is answering calls for help by sending some of them with cash to get through these tough times.

Sources told ANI that the 26-year-old singer has been communicating with her fans on social media, who have opened up about financial struggles - like not being able to pay bills because they've lost their retail or service industry jobs for the time being.

At least in 10 instances, the 7 Rings singer had connected with fans who've lost their jobs and sent them cash via Venmo.

Fans have said that they have received payments ranging from 500-1,500 USD, and it is something that she has been doing for the past few days.

According to sources, the singer's donations seem to be random luck of the draw based on her Twitter interactions. 

She is also focusing on those really in a pinch and out of work.

Ariana is especially sympathetic to people who have lost their job in the retail industry.
Apparently, one guy told Grande that he was short on rent for April, because he was no longer pulling in a paycheck, and he received some Venmo money shortly after that.