Tienas' new 5-track EP For Sale? offers a fresh perspective on love and loss 

The EP sees him push the boundaries of pop music, with influences from electronica and vaporwave

author_img Ana M Published :  27th November 2020 05:46 PM   |   Published :   |  27th November 2020 05:46 PM

For Sale?

Mumbai-based musician Tanmay Saxena is better known to fans as Tienas. He is joining forces with Artist Originals (AO) - JioSaavn's label for global South Asian artists, to release his brand new EP. Titled For Sale?, the EP is a follow-up to Tienas' albums - O (2019) and Season Pass (2020).

Featuring five tracks, For Sale? sees the Mumbai native offer a fresh perspective on topics such as love, loss, and even workplace harassment and mental health. From a technical point of view, the EP sees him expand his sonic dimension to push the boundaries of pop music, with influences from electronica and vaporwave. The EPs lead track Oh My Lord explores misogyny and sexual harassment in Indian workspaces and will be accompanied by a music video. Other songs include - Bury Me In A Coffin With Your Name On It, a song about heartbreak and losing one’s soulmate. Party All The Time- this track explores the emotions and temptations that an individual indulges in immediately after a heartbreak. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe - Tienas offers critical insight into the social structures that tend to control how one lives, loves and loses. Yo Momita - Taps into the primal emotions of a man who's lost his soulmate due to circumstances beyond his control. For Sale? ia also one of the first EPs from an Indian artist in English, to be mixed in Dolby Atmos. 

Speaking about the new EP, the Mumbai-based artiste says, "For Sale? is an EP about all the emotions that we try and suppress and keep to ourselves. The emotions that inform the choices that we make - of the people we choose to love, live or work with. It's about being at your lowest point and then figuring a way out of that pit. Artistically, it represents growth. An artist is always looking for what's next and how they can learn and evolve - this EP represents that journey for me as an artist."

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