DJ Felix's Jawab De is a collective voice of artistes affected by the lockdown

Jawab De seeks answers to questions that have affected artistes during the lockdown

author_img F Khatoon Published :  09th October 2020 08:39 PM   |   Published :   |  09th October 2020 08:39 PM

DJ Felix

The latest single from DJ Felix’s set is creating the right noise. Jawab De, released a few days back, is a united voice of the artistes across the globe who suffered with the night clubs shutting doors. It seeks answers to questions that are on the lips of every artiste. Felix, who is counted among the biggest hip-hop turntablist in India and who has worked with top-tier properties in the city, has collaborated with three extremely talented city rappers in this trilingual anthem – Valentino, Dil Fake and Cizzy. Currently the head DJ at UG Reincarnated, we got the DJ talking about Jawab De and its soundscape. Excerpts:   

What prompted you to make Jawab De?

The pandemic-induced lockdown that brought the city and the world to a standstill, inspired me to make Jawab De. I was waiting for the right time to release something that would be relatable to all. This pandemic has hit the artists, musicians and event industry badly and I just thought of raising my voice and talking about our ordeal through a song. 

Jawab De is not a song but it’s a thought and a feeling for the millions of artists and musicians. The lockdown hit us artistes where it hurts the most. And that led to questions like ‘Did the government help the artists and musicians to survive the lockdown?’, ‘Where are our fans whose spirits we have lifted every night?’ and ‘Was the lockdown necessary?’

How was it collaborating with Valentino, Cizzy and Dil Fake?

These are one of the most talented rappers of our generation and I loved collaborating with them. Valentino is one of the best English rappers and he is a spot-on freestyler and the best in the game of battle raps. He has been winning hearts with his rapping skills in his live performances. Dil Fake, a Hindi rapper has performed alongside Emiway Bantai and Divine, who are the biggest rappers of this time. Last but not the least, Cizzy is a game changer. Being one of his kind hardcore Bengali rapper, he has taken Bengali rap to another level.

Take us through the soundscape of Jawab De.

Jawab De has a complete hip-hop type underground sound with some serious lyrics, that will make you groove instantly. The song is a mix of three languages - Hindi, Bengali and English fused together with a great tune and a thumping baseline.