Rapper Kaam Bhaari's song Vichaar gets a new music video featuring dancer Vishal Paswan

Watch the video here:

author_img Ana M Published :  26th October 2020 05:27 PM   |   Published :   |  26th October 2020 05:27 PM

Vishal Paswan in Vichaar

Vichaar is a song by 21-year-old rapper Kaam Bhaari aka Kunal Pandagle. Although the song was released in 2017, it now gets a brand new music video by record label IncInk. The song features Vishal Paswan, a contemporary dance artiste from Dhanbad, Jharkhand, who has interpreted the song through his movements.

Vichaar is described as exploration of our inner thoughts. The official YouTube video states,"We all have been locked in with our thoughts, moreso now. What can come of this? Devising different ways to deal with our inner dialogue creates an ebb and flow of negative and positive thoughts. Artists practicing by profession are fortunate to have the outlet of art. One thing we at IncInk have recognised though, through this time is that everyone is an artist. The management of these thoughts, extreme and subtle is the truth of our existence. Vichaar speaks of this and more…"  The song is produced by Music Directors Rākhis (Shikhar Manchanda) and Nuka (Anushka Manchanda).

Choreographer Rajit Dev discovered the dancer Vishal on social media, and reached out to him to collaborate with IncInk on this track. The song has been recorded by the dancer's friend on his phone. 

Watch the video here: