Jonita Gandhi and Deep Jandu's 'Mera Jee Karda' is about lovers separated by distance

Mera Jee Karda is an urban Punjabi track about two people who love each other but are separated by physical distance

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Jonita Gandhi

Singer Jonita Gandhi teamed up with popular Canadian singer, rapper and composer Deep Jandu and dropped a soothing number - Mera Jee Karda. The Punjabi single, which also stars Jonita in the music video, connects with people who are in a long-distance relationship or stuck in different geographical locations because of the lockdown. Though there is a note of longingness in the song, the beats and catchy lyrics give it a foot-tapping vibe, without going overboard. Jonita, whose last romantic single Tu Kabhi Kabhi with Amit Trivedi rocked the charts, takes us through the song and talks about dropping more Punjabi hits in the future. Excerpts:

Q: How was it working with Deep Jandu?
This is my first collaboration with Deep Jandu. We have known each other for a long time since we both are from Toronto. I was really excited to work with someone from my hometown who started his career around the same time that I did. Deep reached out to me while I was in India and once I heard the song, I was keen on being a part of it.

Q: Tell us about the song and its music?
Mera Jee Karda is an urban Punjabi track about two people who love each other but are separated by physical distance. It's kind of a long-distance relationship type of situation, which makes it super relatable for listeners. The song was produced by another amazing artist from Toronto, J-Statik, and the lyrics are written by the very talented Akal Inder. The entire team behind the song is amazing and awesome to work with.

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Q: You look so dreamy and stylish, where was the video shot?
Thank you! We fit in a whopping five-look into a one-day shoot, which was quite a feat! The video was shot in and around Hamilton, Ontario in Canada.

Q: Punjabi songs are getting more popular again. Your comments on this trend?
I love it! Punjabi music is coming closer to crossing over into the international mainstream, and that's extremely exciting in my opinion. As a Punjabi myself, I hope to explore more music in this space and release more independent Punjabi songs soon.

Q: What's next?
Let's just say this won't be my last urban Punjabi track. I recently released a Tamil mashup on my YouTube channel and will have more cover releases there soon too. There are several other independent collaborations in the works too. 

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