Singer-songwriter Trishita Recs on what it means to be a creator at the moment

Sab Ruk sa gaya is out on all streaming platforms

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trishita recs

Trishita Recs' new single explores the mental ramifications of an ongoing pandemic; Right: The cover art for Sab Ruk Sa gaya

Singer and songwriter Trishita Recs’ output and productional routes are largely designed to help her listeners connect with her own narrative. Towards the end of 2020, she released tracks from her debut EP Khoyi Rahun in a piecemeal fashion over the course of two months, to better pace out its storyline. Similarly, her newest single titled Sab ruk sa gaya, which explores mental wellness has been designed like a self-love anthem to help her audience connect with her experiences.

trishita recs
The songwriter's new single explores classical influences 

“The process of writing this song was very free-flowing. It has heavy lyrics, we had to make sure the music balances it out. We drew inspiration from lo-fi beats and included sargams to brighten up the melody. We used notes from the raga Malhar, which we have used as a symbol for hope,” Trishita says about her single, which sees her working with her old collaborators, Anudutt MS and Tripurari (who featured in her debut single Aasmaan). The performer has had a challenging few months and saw her first tour getting cancelled twice. In an interview, Trishita shares her creative process, her opinion on collaborations and updates about her new merchandise!

Tell us about your single...

Sab Ruk Sa Gaya explores the mental ramifications of an ongoing pandemic. I've dealt with anxiety all my life and like most artistes, I lost access to the majority of my earnings. I saw my first tour get cancelled (twice). I also got infected, fell sick, developed vocal nodules and had to go on voice rest for half a year. But I was very aware of my privilege, I had a roof over my head and food on my plate. With this song, we have tried to explore these conflicting emotions. Sonically, the song derives its influence from Hindustani semi-classical music and the verses stay true to this genre, melodically.

The cover art for Sab Ruk Sa Gaya

Do you think collaborations could be the way forward for emerging indie names?

Most of my original work has been a product of co-writing and collaboration. However, I see that as a sign of weakness. The reason I have trouble finishing a song on my own has a lot to do with self-doubt. I am working on embracing the true spirit of ‘independent’ artistry. However, it is also important to remember that every time we invite someone new to a project, we invite fresh takes. Sometimes it's uplifting in a way we never imagined, so it’s crucial to find a balance.

What can you tell us about your upcoming merchandise?

I just did a small exclusive launch wherein I sent the first batch of merch to 26 of my most beloved, long-term listeners. I have not been the most consistent ‘creator’ and it means a lot that they stuck with me, I truly appreciate them.  Eventually, I will do mini drops through an Instagram shop and they will be specific to each song as they come out. I am also planning tie-in donations and initiatives through a merch page so that I can make some direct contributions to causes I care about with the help of my listeners. 

Sab Ruk Sa Gaya is out for streaming on all platforms