Homegrown instrumental band Dot Three to release their second EP

The EP titled Fireflies is symbolic of hope after a prolonged period of turmoil during the pandemic
Dot Three
Dot Three

Chemical Engineer Anik Bhattacharya broke all the conventions in 2017 to pursue his true calling. He established a three-member instrumental band Dot Three with aspiring, young musicians Shambo and Suman from the river-side town of Diamond Harbour. However, tragedy struck soon after the release of their first EP Hiraeth in 2019 as COVID-19 wreaked havoc across the globe. Plans for a national tour had to be called off, and live gigs saw an all-time low. Anik being stubborn as he is, decided not to give up on his passion and now his arrangement is all prepped to hit back with their second EP Fireflies.

Poster of <em>Fireflies</em>
Poster of Fireflies
Fireflies is like the light at the end of a tunnel the pandemic was. The four-track album tells tales of struggle and healing through each of its compositions. We wish to offer to our audiences an all-around immersive experience through this album and we promise that our listeners are in for a sweet surprise,” shares Anik, lead guitarist, and composer of Dot Three.

Is the name for this EP Fireflies significant of hope that you are looking forward to post-pandemic?

The pandemic has been extremely taxing on independent musicians like us. There were no gigs, no hope of work to look forward to, nor any direct communication with listeners. This period also pushed us to look for alternative ways of sustenance. However, the wish to get back with our originals was constant no matter where we were or what we were doing.

Fireflies is truly a reflection of hope in all its sense. I remember sitting wide awake around 3 am at night back on one of those dreadful nights when suddenly a firefly flew in and sat on top of my guitar. I knew immediately that it was a sign of hope, and therefore named the composition I was working on during that phase after the light bug.

What are some of the instruments that you have used in this album?

Apart from the usual classical, nylon-string guitar and percussions, we have used Udu, the African counterpart of our very own Ghatam. Our band member Suman has also used the harmonica and melodica to add layers to each of our compositions.

Our tracks are inspired by components from our surroundings and nature that lend an ambient touch to each of them. This EP is a milieu of different cultures where grooves from around the world blend perfectly with Hindustani Classical and Folk notes.

Is there a surprise factor to your EP?

We have tried to bring back the physical nature of music albums through Fireflies and come up with something unique. We have collaborated with our friends Koyel and Ritwika to further create an immersive-creative experience through poems and illustrations.

After putting a lot of thought into it, all of us have come together to conceptualise a booklet that will contain twenty illustrations by Kala Bhavan graduate Ritwika. The paintings will be accompanied by a poem on each page, written by Koyel and its back cover will have a QR code which, if scanned will lead the listeners to our new album.

Poetry and Illustrations from <em>F</em><em>ireflies</em>
Poetry and Illustrations from Fireflies

Which digital platforms are on your list for the launch of Fireflies?

The four-track album will also be available on all major digital platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and so on, from May 1 onwards.

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