Nikhita Gandhi, Faridkot, Mohammed Irfan reveal what fuels their passion for World Music Day

The singers will be performing as part of a special programme 'World Music Day Carnival', premiering on June 21.
Faridkot, Mohammed Irfan and Nikhita Gandhi
Faridkot, Mohammed Irfan and Nikhita Gandhi

For World Music Day on June 21, three young Indian singers - Nikhita Gandhi, Mohammed Irfan, and rock band Faridkot plan to perform some of their favourite songs and shared their thoughts on how they look at music.

The singers will be performing as part of a special programme 'World Music Day Carnival'.

Nikhita will be singing two songs — 'Bura Na Mano Yaara' and an English song that she created and released during the lockdown.

Talking about how she defines the boundary between passion and exertion, Nikhita said, "We too get exhausted, but we don't realize, there is so much adrenaline, so much energy involved. When you do shows back-to-back and in the moment, you don't realize how much of a toll it's taking on you.

"What I do is, when I have three to four days of back-to-back work, I don't give myself a hard time if I spend the next day doing nothing because I think that it's important to have a little bit of recuperation as well."

Faridkot, on the other hand, believes that artists should not push themselves too much to prove their passion for art and craft.

Faridkot said, "You know you have done too much when you always feel sleepy. When you aren't getting enough sleep, that means that you must stop. It's okay to take a break, you don't have to always push yourself to tell yourself that you are passionate about music."

Playback singer Mohammed Irfan, who will be performing his latest single 'Ishq Paudiyan' added, "The best thing to help us get out of exertion is the amount of love which we get from the audience. This happens especially in live concerts when you are performing a live concert with high energy and intensity."

He also said, "When an artist receives so much love from the audience and that's direct, it gives us a lot of energy and it helps to forget about the exertion and just be happy."

The show 'World Music Day Carnival' will be released on MTV India and on MTV Beats and Vh1 India on June 21.

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