No more rules: Rap artiste Iykki Berry on her craft, her upcoming show and more

 In the last few years, Iykki who is also a trained cosmetic surgeon has risen in the rap scene of the country
Iykki Berry
Iykki Berry

Tamil Rapper Iykki Berry’s new single titled Thalayaatti Bommai which was released on August 29th has a Thanjavur connection, the little Tamil Nadu town where the artiste was born. In the last few years, Iykki who is also a trained cosmetic surgeon has risen in the rap scene of the country.  A Michael Jackson fan, Iykki will be performing at the concert, Rapsilla, this weekend. Talking to us, the rapper opens up about her attraction to rap and how she spends her time when she is not making music.

How do you feel about performing at ‘Rapsilla’, this Saturday? Are you nervous? 

Yeah. So first thing, I am so excited, because, after Bigg Boss, I think this is the first concert kind of thing, I am doing in Chennai.  I am going to perform all my originals, my recent hits, like Yela, Rani, and my other song (Thalayaatti Bommai) which just got released. 

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Why did you choose rap as a medium of expression? 

Rap is much more. It makes it easy to communicate with people. So my thoughts, everything, can be easily streamlined. I feel like rap is hard-hitting. We can do whatever we want in rap. I feel like that. You don't have restrictions in rapping.
So what do you like to do apart from singing?

I do a lot. I paint, I dance, and I rehearse them.  I can’t be in one place, I want to do something or my brain will be like, what next? I design my dresses too. I also drew most of my costumes.

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How important do you think styling your appearance is for a live show or a public appearance? 

There are some artistes, who come just like that. Billy Eilish comes in trousers, she doesn't need the grandness. On the contrary, if you see Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, they are like so huge. It all depends on the artist. That's their idea, their creativity. 

Have you faced any challenges in the industry being a female rap artiste?

Actually, being a rap artiste I have faced (challenges). People are not that aware of rap here in South India. College students listen to the genre, but not the common audience. Now, the scene is changing. We will definitely have our time.

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