Hyderabad singer-songwriter radiating realness with her new single titled 'Sunshine On The Street'

Popular singer-songwriter from the city, Pranati Khanna a.k.a Peekay, is coming out with another single titled Sunshine On The Street (SOTS)

author_img Rachel Dammala Published :  10th February 2022 02:10 PM   |   Published :   |  10th February 2022 02:10 PM

Pranati and her team

Popular singer-songwriter from the city, Pranati Khanna a.k.a Peekay, is coming out with another single titled Sunshine On The Street (SOTS). The video has a beautiful mix of unique people, as she puts it. Whatever the genre — hip-hop, RnB or jazz — Pranati is one indie artist whose mood, beliefs and personality show in her songs. With the very effort to do so was born SOTS — the singer has been one of the loudest allies of the pride community in Hyderabad.

“The opening lines of the song,” Peekay says, “set the tone — ‘I may not be for everyone, but I’m more than enough for me. I may not fit in everywhere, but that’s alright with me... Straight off the bat, the listener is drawn in because, let’s face it, that is everyone’s testament! The tune is dreamy and transports you to the beach.”

For the very cute video, Peekay collaborated with singer and actress Andrea Tariang of Pink fame. “Both of us are very open about being allies with the LGBTQIA+ community, so it was only natural that we made the community a part of the video. However, it’s not just them — it has a sweet mix of others who had trouble fitting in — they were either those awkward, shy kids in school, the odd ones out in college, somebody that stood out for how they looked or behaved, etc. They’re a nice bunch of people who are unique in their own way,” she says, adding that it’s not your regular video headlined by some confident, fashion influencer-kind of people.

Set to release on Friday, the sunny, love-filled, pop duet has Andrea and Peekayi’s vocals dazzling through the verses and harmonising in such a way that the story ends up being a narration of humble emotion and a reminder to everyone out there who feels like they aren’t accepted by society. “Instead, they are indeed created from love, filled with love and have the power to spread love, happiness and acceptance to those around them,” the singer tells CE.

Interestingly, the video was shot at two different corners of the country, all thanks to Covid. Peekay explains, “We couldn’t risk travelling amid the rising Covid cases, so Andrea and I decided to shoot in our respective places — Meghalaya and here. We shot our videos against a green screen and the team at Couch Potato Productions did an amazing job of putting it together.”

Sharing her experience working with Andrea, Peekay says, “To put it in one word, it was — easy. Andrea is a pure artiste and does not care about the glitz and glam of music; she’s humble and real. She sent in the lyrics, I composed the tune, her band arranged the rest of it, and the vocals were done! I didn’t know a long-distance collab would feel so effortless.”

City-based gender-fluid fashion label Kothacheru did the wardrobe for the Hyderabad leg of the video. Hair and makeup artist Sachin Dakoji was also on board.