Indrajaalam: Indie musician  Niteesh Kondiparthi presents new track 

Niteesh introduces us to his most recent song, Indrajaalam and explains that it is a song about maturing and how incredibly subtle the passage of time is

Chokita Paul Published :  04th November 2022 10:59 AM   |   Published :   |  04th November 2022 10:59 AM
Niteesh Kondiparthi

Niteesh Kondiparthi

City-based musician, Niteesh Kondiparthi is a guitarist, composer, and singer-songwriter, who is influenced by a variety of genres but is not constrained by any of them because he thinks that music 
should be constantly evolving. Prog-rock, funk, folk, and jazz are reflected in the English and Telugu 
lyrics he writes. He is one of the most famous musicians in the independent music scene in Hyderabad and has opened for acts like The Raghu Dixit Project, When Chai Met Toast, Aswekeepsearching, and Guitar Prasanna, to mention a few. “I’ve been writing and making indie music for about six years now. For me, it’s an organic alternative to mainstream film music,” he tells us.

Niteesh explains that his most recent single, Indrajaalam, is a song about growing up and the delicate passage of time. He wants to emphasise that we should not take the present moment for granted because it won’t be around forever. He explains how the song’s opening chords were created, saying that they were made on the guitar earlier this year and somewhat forgotten about. As time went on, Niteesh came to understand that the majority of his friends and relatives had either left the nation or were about to leave. He picked up the guitar one day and ended up creating this song as a remembrance of his youth when things were a lot simpler. The lyrics to this song were written with assistance from his mum.

“One day, I picked up the guitar and wrote this song as a memoir of my childhood when things were much simpler. My mother helped me with writing the lyrics,” he adds. When Niteesh first began, there were not many bands in the city and just a few singers and songwriters that produced creative, independent music, he says. With the entry of streaming goliaths into the market over the last couple of years, indie music has become more widely available, and knowledge and interest in it are expanding.

“When I score for films or write music for commercial enterprises, I use various instruments for various types of emotional connections. The only instruments he often uses for his compositions are guitar, bass, and drums, along with the synth, and vocals.” Whenever required, he also uses samples. “I don’t have a favourite genre. I like listening to different sorts of music to keep learning and developing my ear. Having said that, some musicians who inspire me are Ilayaraja, John Mc Laughlin, Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar, The Cure, John Mayer, etc.” he tells us about his inspirations.

Indrajaalam is streaming on all music platforms.


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