Keanu Reeves reunites with Dogstar; to release new album and embark on tour

The band has embarked on its new tour which kicked off in North America and will be heading to countries such as Canada and Japan
Keanu Reeves with other Dogstar members
Keanu Reeves with other Dogstar members

John Wick star Keanu Reeves has now reunited with his old buddies from the alternative rock band Dogstar for which Keanu is the bassist and one of its founders. Dogstar just released their new single Everything Turns Around where Keanu can be seen rocking the bass in the music video. This marks the band's first song in over 23 years.

In addition, the band is slated to release its new comeback album Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees with the three-piece band consisting of Keanu, vocalist Bret Domrose, and drummer Rob Mailhouse confirming that the album will come out on October 6.

Also, the band will embark on their new tour which will kick off in North America and will be heading to countries such as Canada and Japan. The single had received a very positive response, over which Keanu and the rest of the group thanked listeners on social media, saying that the positive reception is only encouraging them to play more and work on new material.

<em><strong>Dogstar America Tour dates</strong></em>
Dogstar America Tour dates

This is indeed some big news as the band hasn’t released any new material since their album Mr Big which launched back in 2000. Dogstar enjoyed limited success in the 1990s when the band mixed hard rock, alternative rock, punk rock and garage rock creating simple but power-packed energetic songs, which also helped them deliver energetic shows.

Much of the band’s own material was influenced by bands from the ‘90s Grunge movement which was a response to the 1980s Los Angeles-based hair metal or glam metal scene, which had begun to turn rock and metal stale and extremely predictable, as bands such as Poison, Bon Jovi and Extreme had all started releasing pop-metal songs which was losing its charm.

The Grunge scene was pioneered by different Seattle-based bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, TAD, Candlebox, Pearl Jam and Green River among many more, each with their own unique styles such as Nirvana’s punkish style or Alice In Chains and Soundgarden’s heavy metal sound, had aided in rock’n roll revival.

Dogstar was among those who were inspired by the simple but harsh and no-nonsense style of the Grunge scene. The band was formed in 1991 and was active till 2002 before splitting up. Reeves pursued his acting career while the others worked on independent projects. Dogstar was seen playing in front of a big audience back recently and since then, they are not stopping.

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